Walton Heath Old - 12th May 2023

Walton Heath Golf Club offers an unforgettable golfing experience with its distinguished history, breathtaking views, and warm hospitality. Founded in 1903, this esteemed club boasts 36 exceptional holes and a legacy intertwined with royalty, political figures, and renowned golfers. Playing golf at Walton Heath means navigating challenging heathland courses under expansive skies, often in testing conditions, and embracing the uncertain outcomes that come with it. Let's explore the highlights of this exceptional club.

A Storied Legacy: Walton Heath's rich heritage dates back to its founding in 1903, with HRH the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII) serving as its first captain. The club's history is also intertwined with the legendary James Braid, a five-time Open Championship winner and esteemed golf course architect. With Winston Churchill as a regular presence, Walton Heath exudes a distinguished and historic aura, captivating golfers from around the world.

Heathland Golf at Its Finest: Walton Heath offers golfers the quintessential heathland experience. With two courses consistently ranked among the UK's top 100, including the Old Course recognized as one of the top 100 in the world, players are treated to a challenging and visually stunning journey. The Old Course, in particular, strikes a balance between substance and style, featuring firm and springy turf, picturesque heather, and expansive heathland vistas. Unique among its heathland counterparts, Walton Heath showcases wacky pits, humps, hollows, and vast greens that exemplify the early artistry of golf course architecture.

A True Test of Skill: Playing golf at Walton Heath is not for the faint-hearted. The courses stretch over 7,400 yards from the tips, demanding precision and strategic shot-making. With little protection from the elements, golfers must navigate the ever-present breeze. The challenge begins with an awe-inspiring par 3 measuring over 200 yards. While the courses can be formidable, they offer a fair test for players of all skill levels, rewarding those who embrace the challenge with outstanding views and a sense of accomplishment.

Unfortunate Weather, Memorable Moments: Despite the poor weather conditions, the spirit of golf prevailed at Walton Heath. Jonathan Leese's exceptional shot on the 1st hole, finishing just 2 feet from the pin, stood out as the shot of the day. Nick Dean also delivered an impressive performance, securing the longest drive with a powerful shot. These memorable moments epitomize the determination and skill displayed on the renowned fairways of Walton Heath.

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