West Hill - 16th May

West Hill Golf Club offers a thrilling and enjoyable golfing experience with its stunning views and warm reception. Consistently recognized among the top 100 golf courses in the UK and Ireland, this classic Surrey heathland course has been captivating golfers since its inception in 1907. Designed by Cuthbert Butchart, West Hill showcases towering pines, strategic bunkering, and natural undulating greens. Let's delve into the highlights of this exceptional golfing destination.

A Classic Surrey Heathland Gem: West Hill Golf Club proudly sits among the top 100 golf courses in the UK and Ireland. Renowned for its classic heathland layout, the course has retained its charm throughout the years. Managed by Course Manager Ben Edwards and his dedicated Greenkeeping team, West Hill's rigorous maintenance program has allowed the heather to flourish, while strategic bunker placement ensures a challenge for golfers of all skill levels.

Spectacular Views and Strategic Design: Golfers are treated to spectacular views as they navigate the picturesque fairways lined with towering pines. The presence of the Brookwood brook on six holes adds both beauty and strategic interest to the course. Designed with strategic play in mind, West Hill requires careful shot placement to negotiate the challenging layout successfully. The natural undulations of the greens pose an additional test for golfers, demanding precision and skill.

Superb Conditioning and Continuous Improvement: West Hill Golf Club prides itself on maintaining impeccable course conditions. Extensive efforts have been made to enhance the bunkers and create better light and air movement through tree removal. The result is a course that is kept in superb condition throughout the year. With its fast-running style typical of heathland golf, West Hill ensures a memorable and enjoyable round for every golfer.

Noteworthy Moments: Colin Parsons stole the spotlight with his exceptional shot on the 14th hole, showcasing his skill with a beautiful 3-wood approach to the green. Linda Hargreaves also delivered an impressive performance, securing the longest drive for women on the 18th hole. These standout moments further highlight the talent and excitement experienced at West Hill Golf Club.

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