These terms and conditions are a contract between Amateur Golf Tour Limited, a company registered in England & Wales Registered Company Number 08713147 branded as Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour and hereafter known as MGPT, We or Us. and You, the Booker.

Amateur Golf Tour Limited owns the Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour brand and runs various golf related services primarily in the UK but also outside.


These Terms and Conditions sit alongside our Privacy Policy which you can find HERE

Typically these terms relate to the following three categories of bookings

Events - refer to events created and run by MGPT where you pay MGPT to play golf on a specific date at a fixed venue which we book on your behalf for that purpose.

Tours - refer to tours created and run by MGPT but booked, contracted and paid through our travel agent partner such as Golfbreaks Limited.

Matchplay - refers to our Matchplay series where we run seasonal competitions and pair you up against other golfers where you arrange the dates yourselves. We provide the structure and prizes and you arrange the golf yourself.


  • All bookings and prices apply per person.

    Bookings can be made by applying on our website or by calling +441386291000

    Once you have booked, you must complete payment and we will confirm your place in the event subject to availability. If we have 2 applications and only 1 space remaining, the priority will be given to the person who has paid first.

    Payment options include direct bank transfer, apple pay, chrome pay, paypal and credit/debit card.

    If using direct bank transfer, please use your order number as payment reference.

    You can send us a deposit of £25 per person per competition if you select the bank transfer option to reserve your place. Payment in full is due 8 weeks before the event.

    Once you have paid, we use these funds primarily to pay the golf clubs but also to run our business in general.

    By signing up for an MGPT competition, you give us permission to make these payments on your behalf, and you are aware that the service in relation to the green fees is not bing provided by MGPT but directly by the golf club.

    The amount you agree to pay when you book is the amount you pay. We will not ask you to pay more if prices go up, and we will not provide any refunds or vouchers for you if prices go down. We have no low price guarantee in place.

    An administrative charge of £20.00 per order will be levied for any changes you make after your confirmation has been issued. This is due to the amount of administration work we incur when order change, including additional accountancy fees.

    Golfer details and handicap changes will be free of charge and made in the live scoring system.

  • Since we incur costs and pay golf clubs on your behalf in advance, we need to ensure that we are protected from people cancelling once booked in. We don't want to introduce punitive costs so the following is designed to be a balance between ensuring we are protected, and being fair to our customers.

    Cancellation charges are based on the total cost paid by the booker.

    Dates are taken from the first day of the event.

    Cancel a booking by contacting

    Cancelling Date:
    More than 90 days prior to an event starting - 100% refund minus £5 per item ordered admin fee or 100% credit to be used 12 months after date of issue.
    61-90 days before the event - 75% refund or 100% credit
    31-60 Days — 50% refund or 75% credit
    30-14 Days — 0% refund or 50% credit where an event is fully booked
    14 Days or Less - 0% refund or 25% credit where an event is fully booked

  • Changes to events you have booked can be made up to 60 days before an event.

    We don’t have any flexibility once we have booked you into a golf club to “transfer” fees across from one club to another, so once we have committed on your behalf, the commitment stands.
    We do offer credit in our cancellation policy which can be utilised for changing bookings.

  • We will contact you approximately a month before the event to start gathering golfer details.

    Your details will be entered into our live scoring system which will be used for allocating tee times as well as live scoring on the day and displaying results at the end.

    We will make every effort to fulfil the event as advertised. In the unlikely event that we have to make changes to the event itinerary we reserve the right to do so at any time without notice.

    However, we will as a matter of good customer service endeavour to advise you of any changes at the earliest opportunity, making any appropriate or necessary adjustments or credits should we have to make changes for reasons outside our control.

    Tee Times: When you book you are entitled to request a tee time preference. This is a preference and not a guaranteed tee time. We do our best to accommodate any tee time preferences but tees are drawn and may not match your request. Please bear in mind when booking that you could be given a tee time up to 4 hours outside your requested time, and work this accordingly. MGPT is in no way responsible for the tee time allocation.

    Dress Code: Many golf clubs and resort courses insist on the proper attire being worn. We will provide details in our welcome pack of the dress codes at the courses we have booked. If in any doubt, please check the relevant website for the golf clubs in question.

  • Prizes and goodies where advertised are completely discretionary, and cash alternatives are not available.

    We reserve the right to adjust the advertised prize values for low attended events - prizes are provided at our discretion.

    If prizes are presented on the day, MGPT are not liable for any postage costs incurred if you choose not to wait until prize giving to receive any prize you may be awarded.

    The approximate value of prizes and goodies advertised are based upon the Manufacturers Retail Price of the items as opposed to any other discounted prices available online.

    If we run 2s pots at any events, prizes are distributed as vouchers.

    Handicap Certificates: Many golf clubs and courses insist on players having a handicap certificate. You are permitted to take part in our events without a formal handicap, but each event has 2 competitions - 1 for CONGU handicaps and 1 for Golfshake Handicaps. Both members of a pair must compete in the same competition. You will be asked to choose which on registration.


  • Tours are booked on our website at and paid via our travel agent, Golfbreaks. The process on how to do this can be found on the Golfbreaks portal normally by credit/debit card.

    Golfbreaks is the agent and you are their customer. We act as a supplier of the golf event services and will run the golf tournament.

  • Any cancellations are subject to Golfbreaks terms of business for the tour in question.

    Typically deposits are non refundable on payment, and payment in full is due 8 weeks in advance which at that point is non refundable.

    In the event of a tour being cancelled we will advise you of the Golfbreaks cancellation policy and how to deal with it.


  • Bookings can be made by applying on our website or by calling +441386291000

    Once you have booked, you must complete payment and we will confirm your place in the matchplay series.

    Payment options include direct bank transfer, apple pay, chrome pay, paypal and credit/debit card.

    Once you have booked we will send a registration form, and once you have registered you will be entered into a regional draw.

    You arrange your own matches and submit scores via the link provided - the winner of the matches wins a prize which is a free pair on one of our events.

    Prize availability is based on availability at time of winning. We don’t guarantee any availability at a particular event. If you can’t make an event your prize will be valid for 12 months from winning so you have plenty of time to get something booked.

  • Matchplay due to the admin fees involved as soon as you book has no right of refund. We will not cancel a matchplay event

    We reserve the right to unilaterally adjust matchplay timings to account for any potential course closures.


  • For circumstances which are outside of our control such as golf course unavailability through war, strikes or labour disputes, outbreak of disease, golf club bankruptcy, course closure through acts of nature, civil unrest, local acts of terrorism, or any other unforeseen event which make the event commercially impracticable, impracticable to perform, illegal, or impossible to fully perform under this Agreement as the Parties originally contracted. In such cases we may terminate this Agreement, without liability, in writing to the email you provided upon booking.

    We will endeavour to work with you in this case to provide alternative arrangements or credits for future events but this is not guaranteed.

    Matchplay - we will extend timescales and honour bookings in the event that golf clubs are closed.

    Tours - we operate through Golfbreaks and will be subject to their booking terms.

    In the event that a golf course is deemed by the golf club unplayable on the day, we will endeavour to provide full credit to all competitors to return on the rearranged date provided such rearrangement is permitted by the golf club in question. If competitors cannot make the rearranged date, we will ensure that every competitor receives a voucher to play the course on a more suitable date.

  • Mizuno Corporation and the Golf Pairs Tour will contact customers who are playing in our events from time to time with offers and deals which are relevant.

    We hold your personal information in the following systems which are used for the purposes of marketing or running golf events. We do not share your details with anyone.

    We only retain the details which you provide either by signing up to our email list or joining and registering for an event. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time.

    • Mailchimp
    • Woocommerce
    • Golf Genius
    • Google Documents
  • Tour Membership is available as an added option to all golfers. Membership attracts some benefits which will be advertised at the time such as season long leaderboard and qualification for finals days. These benefits are discretionary and subject to change without notice at any time.