Match Play


Join golfers across the United Kingdom in Golf Pairs regional summer Match Play. Win four local knockout matches and you'll join us at your choice of any of our competition events in 2021. No playoffs, no long journeys, simply win four local matches and you win!

Round 1: 15th July - 16th August Round 2: 17th August - 13th September Round 3: 14th September - 4th October Round 4: 5th October - 25th October.

🗺 Match Play is split into local regions, this means no long distance travel. We'll have enough participants to achieve this across England Scotland and Wales that's for sure!

Registration closes on July 12th. Once you've purchased Match Play your pairs participation is secured.

⚠️ After registration has closed we'll send you an email with your Match Play login information. This is where you submit your golfer information, find your opponents, their details and submit results.

☀️  Match Play 2020 starts in 8 days. Take your chance and be part of our biggest ever event.

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To participate all you need is an official CONGU handicap and to be a member of a CONGU affiliated golf club in England, Scotland or Wales.

You will be drawn either home or away in each round, so progression gives the potential of you having home advantage at your golf club, or being drawn away, and playing your opponents course, with a different challenge and environment. We welcome pairs from all across the United Kingdom to join. Participants will be split into local regions to avoid long distance travelling and given plenty of time to complete their matches. Match play is a knockout competition over four rounds, and should your pair be left standing at the end of round four you'll be given a free pair at any of our 2021 UK competiton events, including courses like Royal St George’s, Remedy Oak, Bearwood Lakes and many more.

Come through four knockout matches and your pair will be joining us in 2021 at any of our events, and you get to pick which one.

There are no restrictions. We'll send all winners our 2021 schedule and you can pick your destination. Our 2021 schedule so far includes courses such as, Bearwood Lakes, Royal St George, The Grove and many more.  Next year our event schedule is going to be even bigger than 2020, we're going to be adding new and exciting venues, and even more content for all involved. All our competition events are professionally hosted and offer participants the chance to win some great prizes including Mizuno gear, Stewart Golf Trolleys and free entry to more Golfpairs experiences. Not forgetting there are eighteen holes to be played, and if your pair tops the leaderboard you'll be joining us for a free day out at our season ending grand final, with the chance to win a free pair on our tour at Praia D’El Rey in late October 2021.

We've been working super hard this year on our brand new online Match Play system which is user friendly and quick and easy to use.

Once registration closes on July 12th we'll send you an email with a link to access the new page. This is where you'll submit your pair information, view the draw, find your opponents information and submit results. The draw will be be made between registration closing on July 12th, and the start date 15th July. The portal is really simple to use and also contains our full Match Play a-z. Should you require any help with anything related to the portal or anything else you can always contact us and we will gladly assist.



James and I really enjoyed playing through the Winter Matchplay. It was challenging to get the games in due the wet weather. We had 4 great rounds including 3 matches ‘away’ and the final at our home course, which we won after the 20th hole Winning the East Midlands division. We look forward to playing in the summer competition at Royal Lytham.
By Phil Baley


We received a bye on our first round and were drawn away for round 2. We played at a course around 10 miles away and opponents were a joy to play with. In the end we lost but we made some friends and playing partners for life. I wish them all the best for the rest of our tournament.
By Greg Mcfowley


This is the first time we have entered the Mizuno pairs, and we loved every minute. We played 3 rounds all against Men and we have to say every pair was so friendly, and very complimentary when we won.
I would encourage more women to enter this enjoyable competition, you will not be disappointed. We have already entered the summer tournament.
By Paula Smith & Lucy Sadler
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Our most common Frequently asked questions are listed below. However if you can't find the answer to your question PLEASE CLICK HERE for a full list. If you still can't find what you are looking for please email us
Common FAQs
  • Once you have paid your registration is confirmed. You will be sent an email with a link to the Match Play online portal when registration closes on July 12th - this is the point where we need your pair information, this means you have until then to find your partner. The draw will be made and will be available for viewing in the Match Play portal before round 1 starts on July 15th.

  • Better Ball Pairs Matchplay - off 90% of the difference in handicaps between lowest player and everyone else. For example handicaps of golfers are 5 12 19 and 21
    5: Plays off 0
    12: Plays off 6 (12-5=7*0.9=6.3)
    19: Plays off 13 (19-5=14*0.9=12.6)
    21: Plays off 14 (21-5=16*0.9=14.4)

  • To participate you need an official CONGU handicap and to be a member of a CONGU affiliated golf club in England, Scotland or Wales.

  • There is no limit in our competition at present. When our competition is big enough. we will look to run flighted draws, where we draw people with similar handicaps in the same brackets. We are unlikely to get there in 2020 but this is part of our long term plan for MGPT matchplay.

  • You will be drawn home or away for each round and both teams will be given contact information to arrange the match, although the onus is on the home team to make contact since the home team will be booking the tees. If the home team does not reach out or the deadline is not met, the away team will progress unless evidence of attempted contact is given.

  • Many golf clubs offer courtesy and are happy to do this because their members will mutually benefit when playing away elsewhere, but some clubs will not permit this. If courtesy is not possible then we recommend the visitor fees being split four ways, but if not then the away team will need to pay a visitor fee to the club as per normal golf club policies.

  • All rounds will be drawn based on geographical proximity while avoiding matches between teams from the same club. On the odd occasion, if you're drawn away you may end up a bit further out as you progress through the rounds. We always do our best to keep people as local as possible.

  • We do not have any age restrictions and we welcome both same and mixed gender pairs.

  • Pairs do not need to be registered at the same golf club but you must select a home club between you - we will request this from you when registration closes.