Woodhall Spa Singles - 22nd May


The Hotchin Course at Woodhall Spa stands as one of the toughest challenges in golf, with a slope rating of 149. Golfers faced a formidable test as they navigated their way around this course, encountering treacherous bunkers reminiscent of sandy beaches. Despite the absence of promised sunshine and warmth, the competitors battled through a cold breeze that added an extra layer of complexity to their shots. The average scores reflected the course's difficulty, but amidst the challenging conditions, remarkable golf shots and memorable moments emerged. Let's celebrate the achievements of the golfers who conquered The Hotchin Course and made it another memorable experience on the Amateur Pairs Golf Tour.

A Battleground of Bunkers and Challenges: The Hotchin Course at Woodhall Spa lives up to its reputation as a formidable challenge in the golfing world. The course's remarkable slope rating of 149 is a testament to the strategic placement of the numerous bunkers that golfers must skillfully navigate. These sandy hazards create an additional layer of difficulty, demanding precision and thoughtful shot selection. The golfers faced a stern test as they grappled with the challenges presented by The Hotchin Course, demonstrating their skill, resilience, and determination.

Weathering the Cold Breeze: Despite the promise of sunshine and warmth, the golfers had to contend with a persistent cold breeze throughout the day. This chilling wind played havoc with their shots, especially the loose and spinny ones that required extra control. Golfers showcased their ability to adapt to changing conditions, employing strategic shot-making to overcome the challenges posed by the wind. The unforgiving nature of The Hotchin Course, combined with the biting breeze, made for an exciting and demanding round of golf.

Golfing Highlights and Outstanding Shots: Amidst the challenging conditions, there were remarkable moments of golfing brilliance that stood out. Michael Tippett's unleashed beast of a shot down the 6th hole earned him the well-deserved title of longest drive. Harry Feather displayed precision and accuracy, knocking a shot into 4 feet on the nearest pin hole at the 12th. These standout shots exemplified the talent and skill of the golfers, showcasing their ability to rise to the occasion and produce exceptional golf under challenging circumstances.

Celebrating the Ladies' Participation: It was a delight to see a multitude of talented female golfers take on the challenge of The Hotchin Course. Their presence added diversity and excitement to the event, further highlighting the inclusive nature of the Amateur Pairs Golf Tour. Special congratulations go to Kaye York for securing the longest drive among the ladies, demonstrating her prowess and skill on the course. The participation of women in the tournament contributes to the growth and vibrancy of the golfing community, enriching the overall experience for all involved.

A Lasting Golf Experience: The memories of The Hotchin Course at Woodhall Spa will undoubtedly endure for the participants, who will find themselves reminiscing about the challenges they overcame and the sandy encounters that filled their shoes. While sand removal may require some effort in the weeks to come, the smiles on their faces will be a testament to the quality golf experience they enjoyed on the Amateur Pairs Golf Tour. The Hotchin Course provided another remarkable chapter in the tour's journey, leaving a lasting impression and fond memories for all involved.

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