The Addington - 7th June 2023

The British summer seems to be elusive as the cold wind persisted at The Addington Golf Club. Despite the chilly conditions, golfers embraced the stunning setting and took on the challenging Par 69 course. With its formidable par 3s and undulating greens, The Addington proved to be a true test of skill and precision. Although the weather may have been unforgiving, the players showcased their talent and enjoyed the opportunity to compete on this remarkable course.

A Beast of a Course: The Addington Golf Club is renowned for its difficulty, and it lived up to its reputation once again. With six challenging par 3s that exceeded the average length, including some over 200 yards, players faced the daunting task of hitting precise shots into tight and undulating greens. Despite these obstacles, participants showed exceptional accuracy in the nearest the pin competitions, with impressive shots landing just a couple of feet away. The course demanded skill, strategy, and precise execution, making every round a true test of golfing abilities.

Familiar Faces and Outstanding Performances: Among the participants were familiar faces who relished the challenge presented by The Addington Golf Club. These experienced golfers rose to the occasion and posted impressive scores, showcasing their prowess on this demanding course. However, such exceptional performances may lead to a stewards' inquiry into the final scores, adding a touch of intrigue and suspense to the event. Regardless of the outcome, the players provided positive feedback on the course, highlighting its unique character and their eagerness to return for future challenges.

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