Hessle Singles - 12th June

Hessle Golf Club, located just outside Hull in Yorkshire, hosted a singles event that showcased the beauty of its tranquil course set amidst rolling hills. With wall-to-wall sunshine blessing the day, 160 golfers took on the challenge of this stunning course designed by the legendary Peter Alliss. The undulating greens, true to Alliss's style, proved to be both tricky and slick, adding an extra layer of challenge to the round. As the players enjoyed the perfect weather, they also showcased their impressive golfing skills, exhibited unique dress sense, and even witnessed a memorable hole-in-one.

A True Challenge: Designed by Peter Alliss, Hessle Golf Club's course presents golfers with a genuine challenge. Set against a backdrop of rolling hills, the course offers a picturesque and serene playing experience. The undulating greens, known for their slickness, tested the players' putting skills and demanded accuracy and touch on each stroke. The layout of the course combined with the perfect weather created an ideal setting for the golfers to showcase their abilities and compete in a memorable event.

Celebrating Memorable Moments: The day at Hessle Golf Club witnessed some remarkable highlights and achievements. Paul Coutts had an unforgettable moment on the 16th hole, acing the 180-yard par 3 with a well-struck 6 iron, earning him congratulations and an expensive celebration. Another standout was David Ferguson, who impressed with his stylish yellow attire, adding a sunny ski vibe to the event.

The closest-to-the-pin challenge took place on the 8th hole, and Shane Holt emerged victorious, displaying excellent accuracy by landing his tee shot just a few feet from the pin. Additionally, the longest drive competition added excitement to the final hole, with Clare Barrett and Phil Bullen showcasing their power and precision to claim the titles in their respective categories.

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