Royal Ashdown Old - 26th June

On a picturesque 26th of June, the scenic landscape of Royal Ashdown Forest played host to the Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour. Bathed in the warm embrace of a sunny summer's day, this historic course welcomed an impressive turnout of 212 golfers, eager to test their skills on the venerable Old Course that has stood since 1888.

Nature's Defences and Golfing Challenge

Heather, humps, hollows, pools, and streams served as nature's unwavering defence against the golfers' pursuit of victory. Negotiating these natural obstacles was a crucial task, as the firm fairways and strategically designed short par 5's promised the potential for impressive scores. The course was a canvas of challenge, a perfect blend of nature's beauty and golfing strategy.

Accurate Play Prevails: Champions Emerge

Amongst the 212 golfers, Steve Legg and Bruce Broadbent emerged as the champions of the day. Their accurate play off the tee and astute decision-making led them to a fantastic score of 49 points, securing the coveted 1st place. Their three-shot lead over the second-place finishers, Kane Knight and Jamie Mears, spoke volumes about the quality of their performance.

A Symphony of Twos and Strategic Play

The mixture of par 3's, ranging from 110 to 250 yards, provided an opportunity for golfers to showcase their skills. A total of 17 twos were recorded, a testament to the golfers' precision on these challenging holes. The 250-yard par 3 proved to be a worthy adversary, claiming many a scalp. Achieving a nett par on that hole was hailed as a brilliant accomplishment, a testament to the strategic nature of the course.

Dynamic Duo Claims Gross Victory

In the realm of gross competition, the Dynamic Darren Duo, consisting of Darren Wingham and Darren Brewer, stole the spotlight. Their combined effort resulted in an impressive 38 points better ball gross, securing them the coveted 1st place. In a nail-biting finish, they clinched victory through countback, their birdies on holes 12, 15, and 17 acting as crucial stepping stones to success.

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