Forest of Arden Singles - 2nd August

It was a day for celebration as the sun graced us with its presence, shining brightly from dawn till dusk. A resounding "WHOOP WHOOP" echoed through the air as golfers reveled in the long-awaited sunshine.

The Championship Arden Course was a sight to behold, a hidden gem waiting to be explored. For those yet to experience its charms, it's time to add this course to your must-play list. The front nine and back nine each have their distinct character, with the 10th hole standing as a highlight. A pie and a pint in hand, the golfers savored the beauty of the back nine, adorned with heather-lined fairways and frequented by deer from the Packington Estate. These majestic creatures call the estate home, lending a touch of elegance to the course.

The challenge presented by the White Tees was met with determination. And what a challenge it was! The 18th hole, a formidable 210 yards over water to a rising approach, guarded by bunkers, proved to be a fitting finale to an already impressive round of golf.

The thrill of achievement filled the air as 3 twos found their way into the pot, bringing joy to those who participated and left with a handsome reward.

A humorous incident occurred at the Longest Drive Hole 12th, involving Carl Barker. His monster drive, measured at an impressive 328 yards, had everyone in awe. Yet, a slight misstep led to his ball taking a swim in the water while attempting to reach the green in two. The local medical team was enlisted for a light-hearted urine sample and blood test, all in good spirits.

Tracy Nash showcased her skill with the Ladies Longest Drive, a feat that didn't go unnoticed.

Triumphs and Divisional Victories

Amidst the sunshine and camaraderie, it was time to recognize the true champions of the day. Congratulations to the winners in all four divisions:

  • Division 1 - Ben Hervey
  • Division 2 – Simon Davies
  • Division 3 – Callum Downie
  • Division 4 – Lee Hood

A Shining Achievement: Lowest Gross

In a display of prowess, Carl Baker clinched the title of Lowest Gross, a testament to his skill and finesse on the course.

As the day waned, filled with laughter, camaraderie, and triumphant moments, it was evident that the sun had indeed brought its magic to the Championship Arden Course. The challenges, the joys, and the shared memories would surely linger in the hearts of all who partook in this memorable day of golf.

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