Sandwell Scramble - 29th May

Beneath a cheerful sky, a congregation of 160 golfers embarked on a captivating journey known as the Florida Texas Scramble. A game where four tee off, but only three traverse the hole, it's a dance of strategy and camaraderie. And on this particular day, the ever-fickle British weather decided to smile upon us, gifting us with a rain-free, sun-kissed ambiance, accompanied by a gentle breeze. Our playground for the day, Sandwell, nestled just opposite the iconic 'Baggies' Stadium, awaited the arrival of golfing enthusiasts, whether they wore the stripes of West Bromwich Albion or another affiliation.

Sandwell's Splendor and Impeccability

Renowned for its unwavering excellence, Sandwell stood true to its reputation, even as the greens were a mere month away from their zenith. The course's lushness and elegance remained evident, setting the stage for a day of thrilling golf. Amidst its meticulously groomed fairways, the artistry of putts and drives took center stage, promising a challenge and an experience to remember.

Culinary Symphony and Delights

A standing ovation is owed to the culinary artisans, guided by the spirited leadership of an enthusiastic oriental lady. From 7 am to 8 pm, they orchestrated an edible symphony that delighted the taste buds of the golfers. The menu, a delightful tapestry of flavors, received such fervent appreciation that supplies were nearly depleted by 6 pm. It was a testament to her culinary prowess and the satisfaction she brought to the hungry golfers.

Victors and Close Contest

Amidst the camaraderie and competition, the scoreboard chronicled a closely fought contest. Among the gallant participants, the team led by the skillful Sam Devine emerged victorious. Their strategic prowess helped them surmount the stern challenge posed by the team under Lee Barsby's leadership.

Power and Precision: Awe-Inspiring Longest Drives

In the realm of power and precision, the Longest Drive competition was a spectacle to behold. Nick Davenport's shot defied the laws of physics, sending the ball soaring to distances that left some golfers in awe. Hayley Noel's feat in the Ladies Longest Drive competition was equally impressive, surpassing the distances achieved by several gentlemen.

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