Princes - Monday 11th May

We are back down south today for the first of 2 courses in the area. Today was princes golf club. This courses off 3 loops of 9 with 27 holes. The golfers were on the shores 9 followed by the dunes 9 today.

A true links test was in store for all players. The sun was shining but the wind was strong! A 417 par 4 straight into the wind set the tone for the day. However we did place our longest drive hole on 18 which was down breeze so a helping hand.

Dyfed Jones was brighter than the sun at 7am this morning with his bright Orange trousers. We really couldn’t miss him so he is todays best dressed golfer.

John Avery and Daniel Pells looked very smart this morning sporting matching outfits!

We had another HIO today, amazingly this is the 3rd hole in one in as many events.

It was on the dunes course 2nd hole ( todays 11th ) congratulations to Connar Hamilton a great 9 iron!!
NTP 3rd - Rob Espin
NTP 5th - Ross Kemp
NTP 11th - Connor Hamilton Hole in one!
NTP 17th - Daniel Law
LD Men - Darren Law
LD Women - Jackie Taylor
One final thing, well done to the FOUR golfers that got a 2 today. A cracking pop to share £125 in vouchers per a person! Why didn’t the other 5 people with 2s pay the £5?!

See you all at Cinque ports tomorrow, it will be less breezy. We promise

You can view the full results from our event at Princes through this link - Princes Leaderboard

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Need to change the Law’s around, Daniel got LD and Darren got NTP.

Darren Law May 18, 2022

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