Royal Cinque Ports - Thursday 12th May

Day 2 on the south coast today, we were at Royal cinque ports.

A traditional links course, 9 holes straight out and 9 back in. With our HIO on the 8th today been over 3 miles from the clubhouse. It’s great to have Andy our HIO guy at arms length for a change.

The sun was shining early doors with not a breathe a wind, we really could have been anywhere in the world today, it was stunning.
As the day went on the wind picked up and the back 9 here at royal cinque ports is one of the hardest in England- well it certainly lived up to its reputation, 9 brutal holes back into the teeth of the wind. It was some slog, proper links!

The hospitality was superb, all golfers were greeted with a pre round refreshment and roll. Then a meal post to boot!

Could we have our 4th HIO in a row today? I’m afraid not. The run did have to stop at some point, when will the next one be?

Lee Douglas looked like he was in Hawaii this morning not deal. So I made a deal with him and he’s won todays best dressed golfer.

Thanks to all golfers who have taken part over the last couple of days and congratulations to all the winners.

Ben Porter NTP 4TH
Jeremy Shute NTP 8TH
Ron Sloane NTP 14TH



You can view the full results from our event at Royal Cinque Ports through this link - Leaderboard

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