Yorkshire 5 Day - 10th-14th June

Day 1: Moor Allerton Golf Club
Our golf tour kicked off at the picturesque Moor Allerton Golf Club, a course renowned for its challenging layout and stunning scenery. The day was perfect for golf, with clear skies and a gentle breeze making for ideal conditions.
The competition was fierce, but in the end, Tom Laver and Martyn Bannister emerged victorious, securing the top spot with a staggering 45 points. Tom Laver's impressive performance didn't stop there; he also claimed the Men's Longest Drive award. On the ladies' side, Nicola Slater showcased her power and precision to win the Ladies' Longest Drive. It was a thrilling start to our week of golf in Yorkshire.
Day 2: Moortown Golf Club
Day two brought us to Moortown Golf Club, a course steeped in history and known for its demanding holes. The players faced tough conditions, but that didn't deter William Kelly and Tom Vickers, who clinched the win with 45 points, matching the previous day's top score.
The challenge of the day included a Nearest the Pin competition, where Mike Prince's accuracy shone through, earning him the title. The camaraderie and competitive spirit were palpable, making it another memorable day on the course.
Day 3: Fulford Golf Club
Fulford Golf Club greeted us on the third day with its lush fairways and well-maintained greens. Simon Keyte and Ryan Walsh dominated the day, taking home the trophy with an impressive 47 points. Their remarkable teamwork and skill were evident as they also triumphed in the Par 3 competition, sweeping the prizes at Fulford.
The atmosphere was electric, with spectators and players alike enjoying the high level of golf on display. Keyte and Walsh's performance set a high bar for the rest of the week.
Day 4: Alwoodley Golf Club
Alwoodley Golf Club, with its classic design and challenging holes, was our venue for day four. Simon Keyte and Ryan Walsh continued their winning streak, securing victory once again with 45 points. Their consistent play and strategic approach to the course were a testament to their skill and determination.
The scenic beauty of Alwoodley, combined with the thrilling competition, made for a fantastic day of golf. The course's rich history and well-designed layout provided a fitting backdrop for such a high-caliber event.
Day 5: Ganton Golf Club
Our final day brought us to the prestigious Ganton Golf Club, renowned for its demanding layout and exceptional course conditions. Ben Cooper and John Holmes rose to the occasion, delivering an outstanding performance to win with 47 points. Their triumph was a fitting conclusion to an incredible week of golf.
As we wrapped up our Yorkshire golf adventure, the players and spectators reflected on the week’s highlights. The friendships formed, the challenges overcome, and the memories made were a testament to the spirit of the game.
Playing across Yorkshire's premium golf courses was an unforgettable experience. Each day brought its own unique challenges and rewards, showcasing the diverse beauty and complexity of these renowned courses. Congratulations to all the winners and participants who made this tour a remarkable journey through Yorkshire’s golfing heritage. We look forward to returning next year for more exciting moments on the greens!

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