Worplesdon - Wednesday 15th June

One of the 3 W’s today, todays W was Worplesdon golf club!

The conditions were fantastic, the sun was shining from the outset and temperatures reached the mid 20’s in the afternoon.
The course had Augusta type features and really was a treat for the players today.

Ross Topcu and will Ross were sporting from Hawaiian type shirts which really matched the weather so they are todays best dressed golfers!

350 yard drive on the last won the longest drive, what a hit from George Fleet,
A member of 25 years said “that’s the longest drive he’s ever seen on 18 “

A superb effort from Steve tigg who made an eagle 3 on the par 5 6th hole.

Thanks to the 170 plus strong field today and thanks to Worplesdon for such a treat. We can’t wait to come back!

1st - Damien Simpson + Ken Gold  (Golf Escapes Holiday)
2nd - Stephen Legg + Bruce Broadbent (Mizuno Golf Bags)
3rd - Brry Coomber + Mark Buttress (£300 MGPT Voucher)
4th - Joel Newsome + George Fleet (£250 MGPT Voucher)
5th - Rory Long + Ben Stead (£200 MGPT Voucher)
6th - Greg Whitaker + Kevin Dodds (£100 MGPT Voucher)
1st - Paul Erasmus + Paul Eggart (£100 MGPT Voucher)
2nd - James Littlejohn + George Littlejohn (£50 MGPT Voucher)
Longest Drives:
George Fleet (£30 Dock Beers Voucher)
Alison Vans Agnew (£30 MGPT Voucher)
Nearest the Pins:
4th - Paul Eggart (£30 MGPT Voucher)
7th - Mark Buttress (£30 MGPT Voucher)
10th Kevin Dobbs (£30 MGPT Voucher)
13th - David Nanson (£30 MGPT Voucher)
16th - Ken Gold (£30 MGPT Voucher) 
Best Dressed:
Ross Topcu + Will Ross (£30 MGPT Voucher)

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You can view the full results from our event at Worplesdon through this link 

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