The Oxfordshire - Wednesday 13th April

We were at the Oxfordshire golf club today for  event number 2 of the week and of the Mizuno golf pairs season.

Dry conditions In the morning with a stiff breeze to provide a challenge.

The heavens opened for a couple of showers in the afternoon so the jackets were on for a few holes! The course was playing tough with some firm greens and long rough so a nice but fair early season test!

Firstly thanks Tony Lewis and Peter Edwards for moving there tee time an hour earlier due to covid casualties! 

Shot of the day has to be Andrew Astin he got an incredible eagle 2 on the 457 yard par 4 3rd hole! Thanks to tom and Rory for the on course video on the 11th and the bacon cobs pre round! Great birdie caught on camera too by George archer. Well done to David aagaard for a monster long drive on the 7th hole! 

We had some exceptional dressed golfers today however we are having an award for the earliest drinkers instead! 

(A couple of beers for tom L’homme and Matt Clough at 9am at settle the nerves!)

Thank you to everyone who attended this event. We hope you all had a fantastic day and look forward to seeing you soon. You can find the results below.

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