St Pierre Singles - 20th June

St Pierre Golf Club, located just outside Chepstow in South Wales, provided the backdrop for a thrilling golf pairs singles event. With perfect weather and a field of 200 golfers, the day promised exciting competition on the picturesque course. Designed by C.K. Cotton and featuring a remodeled layout by Ross McMurray, St Pierre has a rich history of hosting prestigious tournaments, including the Solheim Cup and European events. The signature 18th hole, with its challenging shot across the lake, added to the allure of the course and tested the golfers' skills.

A Beautiful and Challenging Course: St Pierre Golf Club, boasting a stunning landscape and an 11-acre lake surrounded by century-old trees, offered a true test of skill. The course design by C.K. Cotton and subsequent remodeling by Ross McMurray created a layout that demanded precision and strategic play. The signature 18th hole, requiring a precise shot of 235 yards across the lake's edge to a raised green, stood out as a memorable challenge for the participants. The helping wind on this particular day added to the excitement and aided the golfers in conquering the demanding hole.

Nearest-to-the-Pin Challenge: The 6th hole served as the designated nearest-to-the-pin challenge, where Richard Longhurst emerged victorious by placing his tee shot just 10 feet from the pin. His accuracy and skill were commendable, earning him well-deserved recognition.

Impressive Longest Drive and High Scoring: Scott Atwood showcased his power and accuracy by winning the men's longest drive competition on the 14th hole. Notably, he also posted an impressive score of 46 points, which may result in a significant handicap adjustment. His exceptional performance showcased his golfing prowess and set a high standard for future events.

Looking Ahead to Moor Allerton Golf Club: With the event at St Pierre coming to a close, participants eagerly anticipate the next challenge at Moor Allerton Golf Club in Yorkshire. As the journey continues, golfers are excited to test their skills on another renowned course and experience the beauty of the Yorkshire landscape.

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