Hayling - 27th June

Hayling Island Golf Club provided an exceptional day of golf for a full field of 194 enthusiastic golfers. Nestled on the picturesque island, the course offered stunning panoramic views of the coastline and a charming Art-Deco Clubhouse where players could relax before and after their rounds. With varying weather conditions throughout the day, including calm morning winds and a challenging afternoon breeze, the golfers experienced the true essence of links golf at Hayling Island.

A Delightful Course and Challenging Conditions: Hayling Island Golf Club's layout and scenic beauty captivated the players. The course showcased the unique character of links golf, offering a mix of tricky holes and breathtaking vistas. The changing wind conditions added an extra layer of challenge, making the afternoon rounds a true test of skill and perseverance. Despite the demanding conditions, the golfers embraced the opportunity to play on this esteemed course.

Hole-in-One Thrills and Near Misses: The designated Hole-in-One challenge took place on the 5th hole, a challenging par 3 with a crosswind. While no player managed to achieve the elusive ace, there were commendable shots and even a few twos recorded on the scorecards, showcasing the golfers' skill and accuracy.

Nearest-to-the-Pin Triumph: The 11th hole, with its seaside location and challenging pin position on the top tier of the green, provided an exciting opportunity for players to test their accuracy. Allen Sumner emerged victorious in the nearest-to-the-pin competition, demonstrating his ability to navigate the difficult conditions and place his shot closest to the pin.

Thrilling Longest Drives: The longest drive competition took place on the 18th hole, which featured a tight fairway stretching in front of the clubhouse, attracting a crowd of interested spectators. Ross Bgarham showcased his power and skill by hitting a remarkable 341-yard drive, benefitting from the strong wind assistance. In the ladies' division, Susie Newman displayed her impressive distance and accuracy to claim the longest drive title.

Looking Ahead to The Carrick: With a brief hiatus in the golfing calendar, participants have the opportunity to travel north to Scotland for a two-day event at The Carrick. Anticipation builds as golfers prepare to experience the scenic beauty and challenging courses that await them.

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