Royal Norwich - 12th July

As the gates of the Premium Course swung open, the golfing world was greeted with an immediate and resounding "WOW." The magnificence of the golf course, a visual feast of captivating beauty and impeccable maintenance, etched an indelible mark on every soul fortunate enough to step onto its greens.

A Sunlit Prelude and a Dance of Storms

The day's canvas unfurled beneath a brilliant sun, a picture-perfect start that seemed to promise an idyllic golfing experience. However, the capriciousness of nature had its own script to unveil. A storm arrived, announced by rumbling thunder and fierce lightning, momentarily disrupting the rhythm of the game. Golfers sought shelter for a brief interlude of about 10 minutes, a collective pause that emphasized nature's uncontested authority. And then, as if in a symphony, the storm receded, paving the way for a gradual return to the game. The latter part of the day's performance was gifted with a generous serving of radiant sunshine, a fitting encore to nature's theatrical display.

A Young Marvel: The Beauty of Design

This relatively young course, a flourishing offspring of the pre-existing Weston Park, emerged as a marvel in its own right. Its design, a fusion of artistry and nature's embrace, painted a canvas of challenge and allure. The course stood as a testament not only to its beauty but also to the dedication poured into its creation.

The Royal Backdrop: Where Golf Meets Elegance

The Royal Norwich clubhouse, a masterpiece in its own right, served as a regal backdrop to the day's proceedings. Within its walls, bustling caterers orchestrated a symphony of sustenance, ensuring that the needs of a lively field of 210 golfers were met with precision and care.

Champions of the Day: Triumph and Elegance

Taking the laurels were the dynamic duo of Thorbinson & Leivers, capturing not only the 1st place but also the coveted Mizuno Golf Bags, tangible emblems of their triumph. Runners-up, King and Goodchild, were hot on their heels, securing not only their position but also the prestigious Best Gross award.

Eagles Soar and Long Drives Command

Amidst the day's play, a modest count of 8 eagles (2's) graced the scorecards, translating into a hearty distribution of GP vouchers. The eagles were a testament to the players' skill and the course's unique challenges.

Longest Drive honors were claimed by Jack Blowers, his shot carving through the air with precision and power. On the women's side, Emma Smith emerged as the worthy recipient of the Ladies Longest Drive title.

A Day Blessed by the Weather Gods

A nod to good fortune for the day's weather, a harmonious blend of sun, storm, and shine. With fingers crossed for the days ahead, golfers and enthusiasts alike shared a collective wish for clear skies and fair winds over the upcoming rounds.

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