Middleton Hall - 13th July

As the sun cast its golden embrace over Norwich on Day 2, Middleton Hall Golf Course stood before us, a canvas of promise waiting to be painted with the tales of ambitious golfers. This unassuming course carried an air of unpredictability, a place where scores could either soar triumphantly or crumble under the weight of its challenges.

A Dance of Sunshine and Showers

The weather, much like a fickle muse, alternated between the playful notes of showers and the radiant warmth of sunshine. It seemed almost poetic, a recurring theme that echoed the highs and lows of the golfing journey. Yet, despite the unpredictable nature of the day's elements, we emerged relatively unscathed, grateful for the moments of clarity between the raindrops.

Culinary Triumph: A Feast Fit for Champions

Amidst the swings and putts, the catering team took center stage, orchestrating a symphony of flavors that tantalized our taste buds. From hearty buffet breakfasts devoured with gusto to the culinary stars of the show – the steak baguettes and burgers – the feast was a testament to the art of nourishment. Each bite seemed to infuse new energy into the players, fortifying them for the challenges ahead.

The Enigma of Middleton Hall

Stretching a seemingly manageable 5,921 yards, Middleton Hall's Par 71 layout holds a deceptive charm. It beckons you in with an air of ease, only to reveal its cunning nature as you navigate its links-style layout. The pin positions, strategically placed as if orchestrated by a mischievous greenkeeper, tested even the most seasoned golfers. It was a battleground where skills and strategies were pitted against the course's wily twists.

Ladies Shine Bright: Triumph Beyond the Greens

In the midst of the golfing spectacle, two remarkable ladies, Deborah Hemeter and Elaine Hall, etched their names into the annals of the day's achievements. Capturing an impressive overall 2nd place, their performance demanded applause. Amidst their brilliance, Elaine Hall also secured the Ladies Longest Drive title, a testament to her skill and precision. On the men's side, A. Noakes claimed the honor of Men's Longest Drive.

A Resilient Course: The Elusiveness of Twos

The scarcity of 2's – a mere six – emphasized the course's tenacity in keeping even the most seasoned golfers on their toes. This scarcity underscored Middleton Hall's reputation as a testing ground, where even the most skilled players found themselves humbled by its challenges.

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