Moor Allerton Singles - 21st June

What a delightful twist the day brought – a brilliant sunrise after torrents of rain! The sun's warm embrace turned nature's generosity into an extra layer of charm, casting the day in a radiant glow that felt like a gift.

Nature's Gift of Resilience

Despite the deluge that had drenched the course, its recovery was nothing short of remarkable. The course's sloping fairways, a hallmark feature, played a pivotal role in its rapid drying. What greeted golfers was a course unmarred by lingering puddles or Ground Under Repair areas, a testament to its resilience. Not a note of complaint was heard, only the appreciation for a course that stood tall against the rain.

Four Divisions, Countless Victors

A Singles Day event across four divisions unfolded, ushering in a parade of winners, each basking in the glow of their hard-fought victories. Let's raise our imaginary hats to these exceptional golfers:

  • Division 1 winner – John Ready
  • Division 2 winner – Andy Stevens
  • Division 3 winner – Joe Hewitt-Hobson
  • Division 4 winner – Andrew Walker

A spotlight shines on Liam O’Sullivan, whose exceptional performance secured him a remarkable 2nd place in Division 1 while simultaneously clinching the Individual Gross event.

A Stretch of Magic: Holes 10 to 27

The allure of the course remained unshaken, especially along the spellbinding stretch from holes 10 through 27. Here, the course unveiled an artful tapestry of holes that demanded strategic precision. To conquer the fairways and approach the undulating greens from a favorable angle required more than just skill; it demanded a golfer's cunning mind. Moor Allerton is no canvas for lackluster shots – its landscape, adorned with ditches and ravines, stands ready to mete out its own brand of golfing justice.

Applause for Excellence: Course and Hospitality

What a day, what a course! The players' resounding acclaim echoed the superb condition of Moor Allerton. The course stood as a testament to nature's resilience and the dedication of those who tend to it. But the experience wasn't confined to the fairways alone. Junior and Mimi, the gracious hosts behind the bar, offered top-notch hospitality that further elevated the day. From start to finish, it was a first-class experience that left everyone in high spirits.


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