North Wales 4 Day - 26th-29th April 2024

Amidst the serene Welsh landscapes, where lush greens meet panoramic vistas, the Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour unfolded its grand spectacle across four thrilling days.

With 184 skilled golfers eager for glory, the stage was set for a riveting display of talent and determination.

Day 1: Maesdu Golf Club

The journey began at the picturesque Maesdu Golf Club, where the sun cast golden hues across the sky as teams teed off. Amidst fierce competition, Joshua Ginge Howard and Richard Smith emerged as frontrunners, setting the tone for the days ahead with their stellar performance.

Day 2: Anglesey Golf Club

Excitement soared on day two as the tournament shifted to the pristine greens of Anglesey Golf Club. James Hughes and Joshua Harris seized victory amidst rolling hills and salty breezes. Meanwhile, Nicola Lockley left her mark with a powerful drive, earning the title of longest drive for the ladies.

Day 3: Bull Bay Golf Club

As the competition intensified, the battleground moved to the challenging terrain of Bull Bay Golf Club. Gary Baxter and Paul Ash showcased finesse, claiming victory for the day. Toby Swinney stole the spotlight with a monstrous 350-yard drive, leaving spectators in awe and securing the accolade of longest drive for the men.

Day 4: North Wales Golf Club

With the championship within reach, tensions soared as the final showdown unfolded at the historic North Wales Golf Club. In a gripping finale, Michael Pulford and Sion Owen emerged triumphant. Greg Lewis and Merfyn Hughes clinched the gross score title, adding another layer of drama to the captivating event.

Overall Victory

Amongst the sea of competitors, Michael Pulford and Sion Owen stood tall as the undisputed champions of the Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour. Their skill and resilience guided them to glory over four unforgettable days. And let's not forget Alex Walmsley, whose colourful ensemble earned him the title of best dressed over the four days—truly well-deserved.

Thank you to all who played!

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4 great courses that went 1 step forward each day with quality golf course design. Weather prevailing.
Bill. BBC at and North Wales we’re outstanding

Steve Binns April 30, 2024

Very enjoyable 4 days of golf , plus meeting some very interesting players

Andrew Heritage April 30, 2024

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