Long Sutton - 25th March 2024

The allure of the greens beckoned participants to the inaugural pairs event of the year, hosted by the Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour at Long Sutton Golf Course. A day brimming with excitement and friendly rivalry awaited all who gathered. Arriving amidst the picturesque setting of Long Sutton Golf Course, anticipation electrified the atmosphere. The course promised a blend of challenge and reward, setting the stage for an unforgettable day of golf. Teams, paired up and primed, stood ready to exhibit their skills and bond amidst fairways and greens. Yet, beyond the golfing prowess, the Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour served as a unifying force, drawing together enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of community and shared love for the game. Amidst echoes of laughter, friendships blossomed, and indelible memories were forged. As dusk descended, painting the horizon with hues of warmth, a profound sense of satisfaction enveloped all participants. The Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour at Long Sutton Golf Course transcended mere competition; it embodied an enriching experience, uniting individuals in joy and camaraderie.

WHS Leaderboard: 1st Place - M Jarvis / R Phillips: 46 points 2nd Place - J Patch / P Manley: 44 points (Countback) 3rd Place - S Burt / M Russell: 44 points 4th Place - K Massheader / A Bath: 42 points (Countback) 5th Place - M Goodall / S Culkin: 42 points 6th Place - D Gill / C Hannaford: 43 points

Gross Leaderboard: 1st Place - M Jarvis / R Phillips: 37 (-1) (Countback) 2nd Place - D Lewer / D Owen: 37 (-1) 3rd Place - E Green / W Sands: 36 (Even)

Par 3 Leaderboard: 1st Place - P Shoobrige / S Selway (Countback) 2nd Place - W Lamb/ G Denham 3rd Place - S Martin / A Griggs

Nearest The Pin: Bill Holmes

Longest Drives: Daniel Owen and Stephanie Bristow

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The link didn’t work for me either. (Perhaps feedback is not wanted) I agree with the previous comment on slow play. The group in front of us had lost two holes. We advised the course marshal who had a word with them and then disappeared. They speeded up temporarily and then reverted to norm. Where was the marshal’s follow-up?
The twos prize was a voucher for another event. I can see how this works for the company but is not attractive for competitors who would like to choose where to spend their winnings. Neither of us entered. It seems a little ‘grasping’, like the old ‘company store’ .
Entry is not cheap. We enter a lot of open meetings and were surprised to find that their was no refreshment; not even a cup of coffee on arrival.

Nigel Green March 27, 2024

Attempted to complete the survey that was emailed, but they link doesn’t work.
Another well run event, as per previous experience.
Course conditions on the other hand were awful, some of the worst I’ve seen at Long Sutton. Both my playing partner and myself, were surprised to see the course open in such a state. Some of the greens were un-puttable. Definitely not a course for winter times in general, but this was not good…not the fault of the organisers obviously.
The pace of play was also a concern…given the nature of the event, being a “Stableford” competition. When every member of the group is putting out every single hole, attempting to put a score together. Bit of a joke!!! I can understand knocking in a 1 foot putt, just to finish the hole. But when the score is 3 or 4 shots greater than that of their partner, with no chance of achieving a better Stableford score, this really should be punished.

Lee Holt March 27, 2024

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