Horsley Lodge - 3rd July

Under the watchful eyes of Horsley Lodge, a historic Derbyshire gem originally built as a wedding present, golf enthusiasts gathered for an exciting pairs event. Nestled in the picturesque landscape of the Peak District, this elegant establishment, lovingly restored by the Salt family, promises a combination of tradition and sophistication. With its lush course and unpredictable weather, the day unfolded with both challenges and moments of brilliance.

Horsley Lodge: A Rich Legacy Restored: Originally constructed in 1863 by the Earl of Sitwell, Horsley Lodge boasts a storied history that has been meticulously preserved by the Salt family since 1990. This former Manor House, characterized by exposed limestone walls and original tiled floors, invites visitors to immerse themselves in its timeless charm. The course itself, known for its finery and quality, beckons golfers to experience its elegance and challenges.

A Day of Varied Conditions: The weather proved to be a mercurial companion throughout the day, offering golfers a mix of conditions that ranged from showers to radiant sunshine. The gusty winds added an extra layer of complexity, ensuring that each tee time came with a unique set of challenges. Despite the ever-changing skies, the course stood as a testament to its impeccable upkeep, providing a lush and captivating backdrop for the event.

Feats of Skill: Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive: The par 3 3rd hole provided the setting for the nearest-the-pin competition, where Josh McLaren showcased his precision and accuracy. His shot hit the mark, claiming victory amidst the unpredictable weather and undulating terrain. The excitement peaked on the final hole, with Dan Boyles seizing the men's longest drive title and Harriet Painter demonstrating her prowess to secure the ladies' title. Their impressive drives echoed across the landscape, a fitting culmination to a day of remarkable golf.

Anticipation for Tomorrow: As the echoes of today's successes reverberate, the golfing community eagerly anticipates tomorrow's event at Breadsall Priory Country Club. With Derbyshire's scenic beauty as the backdrop and the promise of individual competition, golfers prepare to embrace another day of challenges and triumphs.

Full Results and Upcoming Events:To access the complete results from this exciting event, please click HERE. If you missed out on this particular tournament, don't worry. The Golfpairs Tour has a lineup of other thrilling events in store for 2023. Visit HERE to explore the calendar and plan your participation accordingly.

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