Sunningdale - 11th May 2023

On the 11th of May, 2023, a group of 24 Golf Pairs Members embarked on a journey to the historic Sunningdale Golf Club in Ascot, a course steeped in history since its founding in 1900. As the day began, the first order of business was a sumptuous breakfast buffet, fortifying the golfers for the forthcoming battle on the links. Their destination: the renowned New Course, a masterpiece designed by Harry Colt, proudly claiming its spot in England's Top 100 golf courses at an impressive number 5.

The New Course, adorned with the splendor of gorse-lined fairways, presented a formidable test for the golfers, all while offering a panoramic feast of natural beauty that left an indelible mark on every player. However, amidst the breathtaking landscapes, the players were resolute in their mission – to conquer the course with their skill and precision. And conquer they did.

Duncan Raitt and Fraser Mackie emerged as the morning's champions, their exceptional performance resulting in a splendid 43 points, a testament to their mastery of the course. With a triumphant lead of 3 points, they secured the coveted top spot, leaving their competitors James Hay and Ross Webb in their wake, with a commendable 38 points.

As the players broke for lunch, a traditional Sunningdale meal awaited them, a moment of respite before the impending weather shift. Alas, nature had its own plans, and a torrential downpour forced the closure of The Old Course, designed by the illustrious Willie Park Junior and standing proudly at England's number 2. While the afternoon round had to be postponed, Sunningdale's gracious staff provided each player with a "Weather Check" voucher, a promise of a future encounter with the course under more favourable skies.

In the wake of the truncated day, let us celebrate the moments of golfing brilliance that graced the morning round. Fraser Mackie's exquisite tee shot, nestling to within 3 feet of the pin, earned him the coveted Nearest the Pin prize. Meanwhile, Rob Moncour's mammoth drive, a testament to power and precision, secured the honours for the longest drive, leaving an impression that resonated long after the raindrops ceased.

To all who participated, a resounding thank you for contributing to a day that merged the art of golf with the capriciousness of nature. As we eagerly anticipate a future rendezvous with Sunningdale, we raise our clubs to the spirit of sportsmanship and the enduring camaraderie of the Golf Pairs Members. Until the next fair day, may your swings be true and your putts find their mark.

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