Hallamshire - Monday 6th June

Today we were at The Hallamshire Golf Club⛳️

Like many British golf courses Hallamshire was the product of an affluent and growing middle class looking for a fashionable escape from their daily business lives.

In Sheffield, it was local newspaper proprietor Christopher Leng who opened the course in 1897 on the upland heath at Sandygate overlooking the emerging city centre. In 1908 Hallamshire was considered good enough to house the Yorkshire Championships and the club set out to become the finest in the region.

An unknown professional golfer designed the original course, which underwent a series of modifications before the famous architects Colt, Alison and Morrison were hired in 1937 to introduce radical changes, bringing the layout we have today, including the introduction of the signature 6th hole.

Today provided a real tough challenge to all of our golfers of all abilities!

Course management is key around here, positioning off the tee is crucial so you can attack those flags which can often be in some very challenging places. Whatever the stakes, you are sure to enjoy this stunning layout and highly conditioned course.⛳️🏆👀

Best shot was Anita Pearson👚 who played a cracking rocket shot down 18, a massive 425 yard hole… she striped a driver down the challenging par 5 to make it the ladies longest drive!🏆

Another massive well done to Lee Mellor and Matthew Upton who both played tremendously throughout todays competition, they consistently play amazing in many of our events.📣

Best dressed award goes to Chris Wilson and Danny Smeadley!!⛳️
WHS Leaderboard:
1st - Paul Cunningham + Matt Snell (Europena Holiday)
2nd - Andrew Lawson + Dale Spencer (Mizuno golf bags)
3rd - Tim Holdcroft and Gary Wallace (£250 MGPT Voucher)
4th - Mark Davison + Gary Garfitt (4-ball voucher)
5th - Steve Bowler + Andy Blyther (£150 MGPT Voucher)
6th - Carl Greenwood + Chris Wall (£75 MGPT Voucher)
1st - Nathan Young + Mike Nuittall (£75 MGPT Voucher)
Nearest The Pins:
2nd - Oli Graham (£30 MGPT Voucher)
6th - Ash Cheetham (£30 MGPT Voucher)
9th & 17th - Matt Thompson (2x£30 MGPT Voucher)
12th - Martin Shapira (£30 MGPT Voucher)
Longest Drive:
Tom Ward (£30 Dock Beers Voucher)
Fliss Holloway (£30 MGPT Voucher)
Best Dressed: 
Chris Wilson (£30 MGPT Voucher)

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You can view the full results from our event at Hallamshire through this link 

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