Cumbria 2 Day - 13th-14th August

Day 1 of the captivating Cumbria 2-day event transported us to the scenic Eden Golf Club, where the Eden Championship course, unveiled in 1992, sprawls across 50 acres of enchanting woodland. A marvel of design, this course intertwines with panoramic vistas of the Pennine and Lakeland fells, a masterpiece that embraces nature's beauty.

A Dance with the River Eden

As anticipated, the river Eden plays its part, weaving through the course's fabric. On the front 9, it dares golfers on holes 4 and 5 before resurfacing on the back 9, claiming its spot on the 11th hole. A challenge and a companion, the river adds its signature touch to this golfing tapestry.

Glorious Scoring and Thrilling Winners

Day 1 witnessed remarkable scores, and standing tall at the summit were Glynn Dodd and Rob Reilly, crafting a scorecard boasting 49 points. Their triumphant march was only 1 point ahead of the formidable duo Nathan Sharrock and George Ramsbottom, exemplifying the spirit of competition.

Top Performers and Crowning Glory

The leaderboard echoed with the names of the skilled:

  • 3rd: Sean Alker and Carl Alker, with a countback on the back 9
  • 4th: Peter Rogers and Ian Mccann
  • 5th: Jon Farnill and James Norman, with a countback on the last 3 holes
  • 6th: Paul Caslin and Philip Caslin

In the Gross leaderboard, Nathan Sharrock and George Ramsbottom held their ground, clinching victory with 38 gross, two strokes ahead of Matthew Klink / Mark Adams (2nd on countback) and Grame Roberts/Ian Weeber (3rd On Countback) who both scored 36 points.

Skillful Shots and Anticipation

Sean Smith's iron shot secured the Nearest the Pin prize, his precision leaving others in awe. Ben Robinson and Jodie Talarczyk earned the honour of longest drive, their tee shots disappearing down the fairway, testament to their power.

Day 2's Unfortunate Turn and Bright Hope

Alas, inclement weather led to the cancellation of day 2, with Windermere Golf Club closed due to standing water. Despite the setback, competitions were rewarded with free return vouchers, a promise of better days ahead. The 2's Pot was divided among the day 1 winners, with a notable mention to Albert Carmichael and Nathan Sharrock, each securing 2.

The IRC 4-hole challenge saw Nigel Dixon and Robert Dixon claim victory, followed by Tim North and Dave Wood in 2nd place. Ian Facer and David Fletcher, narrowly missing out, showcased their mettle in 3rd.

In the Par 3 challenge, Albert Carmichael and Lawrence Pennycook secured top honors, while Christopher Pearson and Craig Rogers emerged victorious on countback.

As the event reached its crescendo, anticipation lingered for the finals days at the season's end, where victors of the Par 3 challenge would shine once more.

Amidst the challenges and triumphs, Eden Golf Club left an indelible mark, a canvas where golfers painted moments of skill and camaraderie, the spirit of competition echoing through its fairways.

Handicap: Names
1st - £250 MGPT Voucher Glynn dodd + Rob Riley
2nd - £200 MGPT Voucher Nathan Sharrock + George Ramsbottom
3rd - £150 MGPT Voucher Carl Alker + Sean Alker
4th - £100 MGPT Voucher Peter Rogers + Ian McCann
5th - £50 MGPT Voucher Jon Farnill + James Morgan
6th - £25 MGPT Voucher Paul Caslin + Phillip Caslin
1st - £200 MGPT Voucher Nathan Sharrock + George Ramsbottom
2nd - £100 MGPT Voucher Matthew Klink + Mark Adams
3rd - £50 MGPT Voucher Graeme Roberts + Ian Webber
NTP - (1 hole only) £50 MGPT Voucher Sean Smith
Longest Drive men - £50 MGPT Voucher Ben Robinson
Longest Drive Ladies - £50 MGPT Voucher Jodie Talarczyk
best dressed £25 MGPT Voucher Nigel Dickinson
IRC Nigel Dickinson + Robert Dixon
Par 3 Albert Carmichael + Lawrence Pennycook

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