Oakmere - 8th August

Nestled in the heart of picturesque landscapes, Oakmere Park Golf Club presents a delightful haven for golf enthusiasts. Boasting two pristine 18-hole courses with sand-based foundations, the club ensures a year-round golfing experience that's nothing short of exceptional.

A Bit of Playful Challenge and Sunny Skies

A touch hilly in certain areas, as reported by the early starters, the tee times seemed to correspond humorously with their ages - 7:30 AM felt like 73 years, adding a lighthearted touch to the day's proceedings.

The sun's warm embrace lasted throughout the day, setting the perfect backdrop for a gathering of over 200 golfers eager to embrace the challenge that lay ahead.

From Tee to Table: A Culinary Journey

The catering staff ensured a seamless start, and as the day unfolded, the aroma of a help-yourself carvery wafted through the air, a siren call that overpowered thoughts of diets and warm-up ranges. The allure of a cold beer became the prevailing theme, celebrating the camaraderie and joys of the day.

The Elusive Birdies and Remarkable Drives

The demanding Par 3s proved their mettle, allowing only a select few to claim the elusive birdie. In fact, these challenging holes witnessed just 7 birdies in the 2's pot, a testament to their formidable nature and the skill required to conquer them.

The Men's Longest Drive honor was seized by Oliver Lewis, while Jorja Newbold etched her name in the record books for the Ladies Longest Drive, achieving a remarkable distance of over 260 yards.

Triumphs and Praises: T. Barrett & L. Scholfield Shine

In a grand culmination, T. Barrett & L. Scholfield emerged as the overall winners, their skill and teamwork shining brightly. C. Stand & J. Newbold claimed the Best Gross title, further attesting to the caliber of talent on display.

A Tribute to Excellence and Inviting Promises

As the compliments flowed in about the course's quality and the state-of-the-art driving range, a sense of anticipation filled the air. The promise of a return to Oakmere Park Golf Club next year resonated, a tribute to the wonderful day of golf, camaraderie, and shared moments that defined the experience.

From sunlit fairways to remarkable drives, Oakmere Park Golf Club weaves a tapestry of excellence that golf enthusiasts eagerly embrace, yearning for the chance to be part of its inviting embrace once more.

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