Here's a full update on our events.

All events in the chart below are going ahead as planned.


For those that are new too Golfpairs, this is how registration works. ⬇️

Participants book directly into our events on our website.

1 month before an event user registration forms are sent out. On these forms, we request golfer information such as Handicaps and tee time slots. 2 weeks before an event, we release tee times and any other information participants may need, such as club policies and up to date clubhouse information.

Should you book into an event that starts within 30 days you will be sent a user registration form within 24 hours. You will not miss out on tee times being drawn and you will not be at a disadvantage for booking in later.

If you do intend to book into anything above please do not leave it too late, we will not be able to extend capacity for any of our events this summer.

Here's to an amazing summer!🔆