Windermere Scramble - 28th June

Today, Windermere Golf Club played host to our exhilarating Mizuno Golf Event, featuring a scramble format with a remarkable turnout of 184 golfers with Amber & Ben as hosts. The sun was shining, the greens were pristine, and the camaraderie was palpable.
The Spirit of Scramble Format: The scramble format added a unique twist to the event, emphasizing teamwork and strategic collaboration. Golfers worked together to choose the best shots, combining their strengths to navigate the course efficiently. This format not only fostered a sense of unity but also allowed for some spectacular golf moments as players capitalized on each other’s strengths.
Nearest the Pin: One of the most thrilling moments of the day came during the Nearest the Pin which was on the 8th hole short par 3. The tension was high as golfers tried their best to land the ball as close to the hole as possible. Ultimately, it was Luke Irving who clinched the win, with his ball landing just a few inches away from the pin.
Overall Winners on the WHS Leaderboard: The competition was fierce, but it was the team of Stephen Cram, Jamie Martin, Christopher Menzies and Luke Irving who emerged victorious on the WHS leaderboard with their outstanding 56 Stableford points performance. Their teamwork and consistent play throughout the day set them apart from the rest of the field, securing their place at the top.
Lowest Gross Overall: In the race for the lowest gross score, it was the formidable quartet of Tyler Spence, Nathan McHugh, Isaac Steele, and Ollie Gleaves who dominated. They achieved an astonishing score of 53 gross, showcasing their exceptional skill and synergy on the course.
As the sun set on a day filled with memorable moments and impressive feats, golfers left with smiles on their faces and terrible shot stories to tell. The Mizuno Golf Event at Windermere Golf Club was a resounding success, and we look forward to many more such events in the future.
To all the golfers who participated, congratulations on your achievements. Whether you walked away with a prize or simply enjoyed a day on the greens, your passion for the game made the event special. Until next time, keep practicing, keep playing, and keep the spirit of golf alive.
See you on the course!

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