Windermere - Monday 15th August

Today we were on the tourist trial in the lakes! Windermere Golf Club was recently voted the best golf course in South Cumbria by National Club Golfer magazine and in the top 10 most enjoyable courses to play in the England by Golf World.
A scary looking forecast of rain, thunder and lightening… turned into a day of cloud and sunny intervals so the 150 golfers and the Mizuno team had a lucky escape.
A course with so much character provided different tests, 6 par 3s and 18 holes with not a sandpit insight.
Chris Green decided to bye pass making a 2 on the par 3s and made one on the par 4 9th hole instead. With a great drive and putt to make the eagle.
The best dress was won again by the melon brothers, we really can’t look past Ken and Maurice sometimes.
We head deeper into the lakes and west to the coast and Seascale golf club.

WHS Leaderboard:
1st - Lee McNeill + Matthew Cooper (Golf Escapes Holiday)
2nd - Brad Boddie + Nathan Sharrock (Mizuno Golf Bags)
3rd - Andrew Latham + Colin Gordon (£300 MGPT Voucher)
4th - Mark McMillian + William Chisholm (£200 MGPT Voucher)
5th - Alexandra Gavin + Anthony Gavin (4-ball voucher)
6th - David Joyce + John Curwen (£100 MGPT Voucher)

GolfShake Leaderboard:
1st - Dan Smith + Dan Hodge (£100 MGPT Voucher)

Nearest The Pins:
2nd - Billy Akrigg (£30 MGPT Voucher)
8th - David Jordan (£30 MGPT Voucher)
10th - Phil Hilton (£30 MGPT Voucher)
14th - Dan Whalley (£30 MGPT Voucher)
15th - Jonathan O’Halloman (£30 MGPT Voucher)
18th - Lee McNeill (£30 MGPT Voucher)

Longest Drives:
Chris Story (£30 MGPT Voucher)
Annette Roberts (£30 MGPT Voucher)

Best Dressed:
Ken Troup + Maurice Bolger (£30 MGPT Voucher)

To view the full results from our event at Windermere please click this link

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