Westerham Singles - 3rd June 2024

From the first tee to the 18th green, the course at Westerham Golf Club was in pristine condition, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. After play, golfers relished their refreshments on the balcony, many commenting that these were the best greens they had played on all year. However, some suspected the green staff might have been having fun with their placement of the pins.

A special mention goes to one player who turned up in a safari outfit, perhaps thinking he had already won the Glistan Draw holiday to South Africa!

The Championship Course at Westerham Golf Club is a testament to strategic course design and the natural beauty of the Kentish landscape. The course's design seamlessly integrates with the natural terrain, creating a golfing experience that is both enjoyable and challenging. The club's commitment to excellence and its focus on providing an outstanding golfing experience have contributed to its popularity among local golfers and those from further afield. The course has hosted various competitions and events, solidifying its status as a premier golfing destination in Kent.

Bracket 1: 1st - G. Gilmore - 38 points
2nd - G. Thomas - 37 points
3rd - C. Vincent - 36 points (CB)
4th - B. Varga - 36 points (CB)

Bracket 2: 1st - M. Wilson - 43 points
2nd - R. Hughes - 38 points
3rd - D. Bedford - 37 points (CB)
4th - K. Davis - 37 points (CB)

Bracket 3: 1st - C. Matthews - 42 points
2nd - C. Clode - 40 points
3rd - D. Millane - 37 points
4th - R. Davies - 35 points

Bracket 4: 1st - P. Belcher - 41 points
2nd - G. Brooker - 39 points
3rd - T. Jeffs - 39 points
4th - G. Green - 38 points

Special Awards:

  • Lowest Gross: G. Thomas
  • Men's Longest Drive: Alastair McKenzie
  • Ladies' Longest Drive: Sue Crimes
  • Nearest the Pin: Jason Tubbs
  • Par 3 Competitions:
    • M. Wilson
    • C. Matthews
    • C. Clode
  • Golfshake: A. Charalambous

Congratulations to all the winners and participants! We look forward to seeing you at the next event.

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Thank you for organising a brilliantly attended event, and to Westeham for laying on such a beautiful course. Thoroughly enjoyed playing with my group, and sitting on the balcony afterwards was amazing. 🤩

Greig Gilmore June 06, 2024

Greens and fairways were good. Bunkers were awful and a Lot of GUR which wasn’t always clearly marked. some great holes.

Joe Hughes June 05, 2024

I think the Par 3 results need to be reviewed

Ian June 05, 2024

Top course, really beautiful and excellent day. Pin placement definitely the highlight of the day on the best greens I have played I think.
Glad the green staff had a laught placing them. Well done guy!

Seb June 05, 2024

Thank you for a wonderful day- really well organised and lovely course.

Dena Shah June 05, 2024

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