Sandwell Park - Monday 18th July

Today we started the week at Sandwell park in Birmingham as we moved past the halfway stage of the season.
A record breaking day with the temperature in the late 30s. This has to be the hottest day for golf ever in the UK.
That said a strong field still turned out with water bottles of plenty in hand and a life saving water fountain on the 10th tee.
All the ladies and gents made it round safe with a score of 47 winning today.
The best dressed golfer was Arron Lansburys who was looking cooler than most in the hot conditions.
Tomorrow we visit a course half in England and half in Wales.. does anyone know where we’re heading?

1st - Jack Lowe + Luke Homer (Golf Escapes Holiday)
2nd - Andrew Parsons + Andrew Chater (Mizuno Golf Bags)
3rd - Danny Plant + Lewis Parker(£200 MGPT Voucher)
4th - Andy Wicken + Richard Gorman(£150 MGPT Voucher)
5th - Peter Lawton + Tom Forsyth (£100 MGPT Voucher)
T6th - Paul Fell + Mark Hughes (£75 MGPT Voucher)
T6th - John Andrews + Ian Bailey (£75 MGPT Voucher)

1st - Dave Kersey + David Martin (£75 MGPT Voucher)

4th- David Elvidge (£30 MGPT Voucher)
7th - Dave Bradshaw (£30 MGPT Voucher)
12th - Steve Parkes (£30 MGPT Voucher)
16th - Chris Wilcox (£30 MGPT Voucher)

Jodie Chubb (£30 MGPT Voucher)
Danny Plant (£30 MGPT Voucher)

Aaron Lansbury (£30 MGPT Voucher)

To see the full results from our event at Sandwell please visit this link

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