Royal Cromer - Friday 5th August

We’re super excited to be at Royal Cromer and can look forward to a memorable experience.
The course stands amongst the best cliff-top layouts in England, boasting fantastic views over the coastline.
A sharp morning shower greeted us but quick enough to get the event organized, but luckily for our 200 golfers the skies cleared to provide a beautiful day with stunning views.
Well done to Thomas Piddington who started the round with a bang with a 2 on the 388 par 4 2nd.
A crazy week with over 700 golfers, thank you to everyone who’s played in the events, your
support for the tour is greatly appreciated.

WHS Leaderboard:
1st - Dan Fisher + Matthew King (Golf Escapes Holiday)
2nd - Joe Cunnell + Thomas Piddington (4-ball voucher)
3rd - Joseph Doffing + Miguel Heliodoro (Mizuno Golf bags)
4th - Rory Long + Bryce Long (£250 MGPT Voucher)
5th - Sam Dugdale + Samuel Lanchbury (£200 MGPT Voucher)
6th - Colin Platten + Steve Cocca (£100 MGPT Voucher)

Golfshake Leaderboard:
1st - Ken White + Paul Wright (£100 MGPT Voucher)

Nearest The Pins:
9th - Darren Leach(£30 MGPT Voucher)
13th - Thomas McGregor (£30 MGPT Voucher)
17th - Brendan Fowler (£30 MGPT Voucher)

Longest Drives:
Ed Featherstone (£30 MGPT Voucher)
Gill Gibbs (£30 MGPT Voucher)

To view the full results of our event at Royal Cromer please visit this link

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Strange goings on.
Rory Long and Bryce Long were 51 points now 45?? Handicap of Rory Long was 19 at Ely now at Cromer the following day 19 again then changed to 10???
Maybe someone can explain!!!!!!

PJS August 12, 2022

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