May Prize Draw Results

At Golfpairs, we continue to create thrilling opportunities for golf enthusiasts while supporting charitable causes. Join us as we unveil the lucky winners and relive the highlights of these incredible events.

Mizuno Iron Draw: Russ Groombridge emerged as the winner of the highly anticipated Mizuno Iron Draw. With his exceptional skills and a stroke of luck, Russ is now the proud owner of a set of Mizuno irons. Congratulations, Russ, may these irons elevate your game to new heights!

Stewart Golf RS-1 Trolley Draw: Tim George can now enhance his golfing experience with the Stewart Golf RS-1 Trolley. This stylish and efficient trolley will accompany Tim throughout his golfing journeys, adding convenience and ease to his rounds. Well done, Tim!

Variety Draw: Scott Broom emerged as the lucky winner of the Variety Draw. On the 12th of September, Scott will have the privilege of playing at West Hill in the Variety Golf Day. It's an incredible opportunity to enjoy a memorable day on the greens while supporting a great cause. Good luck, Scott, and may your shots be accurate and your spirits high!

International Pairs Finals Draw: The following winners have earned themselves a chance to compete in the International Pairs Final, scheduled for October 30th at Druids Heath Golf Club.:

  • Karen Blackledge (Fife)
  • Adrian Gray (Broadstone)
  • James Bateson (Pyle and Kenfig)
  • Paul Hogg (Royal Porthcawl)
  • Adrian Challis (Princes)
  • Allan Dolby (Sunningdale)
  • William Yates (Royal Cinque Ports)
  • Tim Gibson (Walton Heath)
  • Curtis Beames (Farleigh)
  • Andrew Cockerill (West Hill)
  • Roy Trim (Hankley Common)
  • Matt Willey (Chesterfield)
  • Sriram Iyer (Matlock)
  • Eddie Gilbert (Bearwood Lakes)
  • Thomas Batten (Ashburnham)
  • Kevin McMahon (Celtic Manor)

Fourball Voucher Winners: Our fourball vouchers offer the opportunity for unforgettable rounds at renowned venues. Congratulations to the following lucky winners:

  • Robert Cansell (Fife)
  • Mackenzie Dellimore (Broadstone)
  • Hamish Tulloch (Pyle and Kenfig)
  • Greig Gilmore (Princes)
  • Colin Parsons (Royal Cinque Ports)
  • Sooki Lee - Elliot (Farleigh)
  • Linda Hargreaves (West Hill)
  • Craig Yarwood (Hankley Common)
  • David Allert (Chesterfield)
  • Ju Van Der Wal (Matlock)
  • Liam King (Sandwell Park)
  • Paul Sheridan (Studley Wood)
  • Don Lewis (Ashburnham)
  • Rheon Parry (Celtic Manor)

Enjoy your rounds of golf, surrounded by stunning landscapes and the camaraderie of fellow golfers!

MGPT Event Fourballs: Our MGPT Event Fourball winners have secured unforgettable golfing experiences at our upcoming events. Congratulations to:

  • Will Johnson (4 ball at Oxfordshire Summer)

  • Scott Skipp (4 ball at a scramble of his choice)

  • Dave Harper (4 ball at Calcot Park)

  • Nigel Paige-Dickens (4 ball at Harleyford)

  • Ross Lyons ( 4 ball at Oxfordshire Summer)

  • Richard Gorman (4 ball at a scramble of his choice)

  • Jennie Corfield (4 ball at Calcot Park)

  • Ryan Gilmour (4 ball at Harleyford)

  • Tony Green (4 ball at Forest of Arden)

  • Ian Barber (4 ball at Trentham)

  • Scott Walker (4 ball at St Pierre)

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