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With the launch of Mizuno Golf's latest product lineup, it was time to invite our three Charity Hole-in-One winners to the picturesque Bearwood Lakes Golf Club in Wokingham for a personalised fitting session. This esteemed prize, earned against steep odds of approximately 12,500 to 1, included a full set of clubs and bag from Mizuno's new range.

Last year, a remarkable 20,773 players participated, resulting in a total of 18 holes-in-one. While only 3 players secured the coveted spot at the charity hole, the remaining 15 still received a Mizuno Golf bag to honour their accomplishment.

Leading the fitting session was Joe Beck, a seasoned Master fitter from Mizuno renowned for his expertise. With a history of custom fitting some of the world's top golfers, Joe brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to tailor the equipment for our lucky winners. Notably, he even crafted Jimmy Bullard's ST-G Driver.

Player 1:

 Name: Chris Drury

Handicap: 1.9

Home Club: West Herts

Holes in 1: Hole 4 - Royal Cinque Ports

Career Holes in 1: 18!

Player 2:

Name: Joe Conroy

Handicap: 4.1

Home Club: Ravensworth

Holes in 1: Hole 4 - Dunstanburgh Castle

Career Holes in 1: 4

Player 3:

Name: Gavin Aris

Handicap: 1.9

Home Club: West Herts

Holes in 1: Hole 5 - The Oxfordshire

Career Holes in 1: 4

Following the fittings, we treated our fortunate winners to a delightful lunch before our planned round of golf. Regrettably, the unpredictable weather conditions forced the closure of the course. Chris, Joe, and Gavin went eagerly anticipating the arrival of their custom-fit Mizuno Golf Sets, scheduled to be built and dispatched within 2-3 weeks. Additionally, they eagerly looked forward to participating in the array of 2024 events they had won entry into, hopefully under sunnier skies.

Andy Houghton and his dedicated colleagues who oversee the charity hole have a profound purpose behind their efforts. Through their fundraising endeavors, they've facilitated the acquisition of a "Sunshine Coach" for Variety Golf. This invaluable resource aids in transporting disabled children to schools and various activities they otherwise wouldn't have access to. We take immense pride in supporting Variety Golf and pledge to continue our assistance throughout 2024.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who generously contributed to our Charity Hole. Your kindness truly makes a difference and enriches the lives of these young individuals in profound ways.



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