Hankley Common Wednesday 18th May

Wednesday is here and we’re at Hankley common golf club today.

A slight mist across the common with the sun rising in the sky provided a spectacular picture this morning. The mist soon cleared and our first tee time at 7.30 were ready to go.

As the day went on the conditions go slightly more breezy and the rain clouds gathered

Some great candidates for the best dressed golfers today…..
Gareth Stevens was all matching in bright orange and blue… even the trainers matched up. You win the prize… JUST.

Keith and Linas from Ashford manor were also rocking a full matching outfit!

We had ‘ little and large ‘ playing today from Essex… the polo shirts were marked up accordingly!

Andy was on  the 2nd hole again today for the HIO, last year at hankley we had our first ever HIO on this hole. This name was Phil… he was back today.. he didn’t get one!

Thank you to everyone who played today and sorry about the excess amount of ‘ heather ‘ on the course!

See you tomorrow,  we will be in the Derbyshire Peak District at chesterfield golf club.
4TH - Mike Whitehead
7th - Peter Sinden
9th - Malcolm Thwaites
13th- Mark Harrison
15th - Wayne Harwood
Mike Whitehead
Alison Vans Agnew

You can view the full results from our event at Hankley Common through this link - Hankley Common Leaderboard

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