Alwoodley - 15th June

Alwoodley Golf Club welcomed 216 golfers to a fantastic day of golf in the midst of beautiful weather. With a remarkable setting and challenging course, the stage was set for an event filled with excitement and memorable shots. Closest-to-the-pin challenges kept the players on their toes, and a remarkable drive earned Matthew Armitt the title of longest drive. Among the highlights was Rob Squire's incredible eagle on the 17th hole, creating a memory that will be cherished forever. With participants of all skill levels, Alwoodley Golf Club provided a thoroughly enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Thrilling Nearest-The-Pin Challenges: Throughout the day, golfers faced the challenge of hitting their shots close to the pin. The precision required left many wondering how to actually get inside without acing the hole. Four golfers came astonishingly close, with Chris Dent hitting a tee shot that seemed destined to drop in, only to stay agonizingly out of the hole. These near-misses added a touch of excitement and anticipation to the competition.

Longest Drive Champion: The longest drive competition at Alwoodley Golf Club was an event filled with anticipation and lightheartedness. After undergoing a urine and blood sample test at the local hospital unit to ensure compliance with anti-doping regulations, Matthew Armitt emerged as the victor with a measured drive exceeding an impressive 340 yards. His achievement showcased both power and skill, and the negative test result added a humorous twist to the victory.

A Memorable Eagle: Rob Squire created a lasting memory on the 17th hole, a challenging par 4. After a wayward drive, aptly described as "knobing" by his playing partner, Rob took out a 6-iron and struck it beautifully into the hole for an eagle 2. Unfortunately, due to the downhill and dogleg right nature of the shot, no one witnessed this exceptional feat. After searching for his ball in the heather beyond the green, someone suggested he check the hole, and there it was—an eagle that will be remembered forever.

An Enjoyable Experience: Alwoodley Golf Club provided an exceptional golfing experience for over 200 participants of various abilities. The beautiful weather, coupled with the challenge presented by the course, ensured a day filled with enjoyment and camaraderie. The stunning setting and the memorable shots created an atmosphere of excitement and celebration, making the event a resounding success.

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