Came Down - 4th August

Nestled in the idyllic embrace of Dorset's countryside, Came Down golf course stands as a testament to the design brilliance of J.H. Taylor and Harry Colt. Born in 1896, this par 70 gem spans 6261 yards, offering a captivating canvas of diverse holes that wind through the landscape. From short par 3s to the allure of lengthy par 4s and 5s, this course beckons golfers to navigate its challenges and seek the thrill of birdies.

Under skies painted with perfection, golfers embarked on their journey across this harmonious course. The results were nothing short of impressive, with an outstanding 13 out of 80 pairs soaring beyond the coveted 40-point mark. Leading this exceptional field, Paul Woods and Derek Hurford crafted a scorecard adorned with a remarkable 47 points. Their performance was a masterpiece of golfing finesse, highlighted by five birdies that propelled them two strokes ahead of their nearest competitors, Steven Sotpforth and James Parkhouse.

For Sotpforth and Parkhouse, the day held its own rewards as they secured victory in the IRC 4-hole competition, demonstrating their prowess across varied challenges. Their triumph extended to the par 3 challenge, showcasing their versatility and skill.

Among these seasoned athletes, the ever-reliable Alex Bascome once again showcased his mastery as Nearest the Pin laureate. His accuracy and precision echoed his prowess with the club. Meanwhile, Jordan Mein's talents transcended the tee box, as he joined forces with Alex Legg to clinch the title of best betterball gross score, a commendable achievement marked by their score of 39 points.

The course bore witness to a symphony of camaraderie, skill, and spirited competition, interweaving to create a vibrant tapestry of sport. Congratulations resonate with all who participated, leaving their mark on this memorable event. As the sun sets on Came Down, the stage is now set for the next act at Sherwood Forest Golf Club, eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new cast of golfing enthusiasts ready to embrace the challenges and joys that the game offers.

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