These terms and conditions are a contract between Amateur Golf Tour Limited and you (the individual who has signed up for our events).

Golf Events


When you book into an event, you are booking it with Amateur Golf Tour Limited, a company registered in England & Wales Registered Company Number 08713147 branded as Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour and hereafter known as MGPT, We or Us.

MGPT makes bookings directly on your behalf with the golf clubs acting as your agent, and your fee includes these payments which are passed through directly as a disbursement, plus an event fee which MGPT charges for organization time, marketing, prizes, IT/website costs and general expenses.

Bookings can be made by applying on our website or we emailing us at – all bookings are made online through our system on the above website.


We require that all applications are made on our website  We can assist you with this process if you call or email us at any time.

Once your application has been submitted, we require payment before we will confirm your application has been successful.

Payment can be made immediately upon booking by credit or debit card without charge, or alternatively by direct bank transfer or paypal for which we add a 4% fee.  We give you the option to pay by card without a fee so we are aligned with requirements.

Golf Fees

MGPT pays the golf clubs on your behalf, acting as your agent.  You receive the benefit of the green fees that we have paid for on your behalf since its your responsibility to pay green fees, not ours.  By signing up for an MGPT event, you give us permission to make these payments, and you are aware that the service provided by the golf club is not being provided by MGPT but directly by the golf club.  MGPT separates green fees from the event fee which is displayed on our formal accounting invoice and MGPT passes this exact amount on to you.  In addition to green fees, MGPT charges an event fee which is for our services, expenses and overheads for arranging the events.  The green fees plus the event fees add up to the total which you have paid for the event.


We accept payment by Credit or Debit card or Paypal on booking or Direct Bank Transfer.

Payment by credit/debit card or paypal must be in full.  Payment by direct bank transfer can be made in installments which we will advertise and agree with you individually.  Your place will be confirmed in the event upon payment.  Refunds will be subject to the same refund policy as all bookings.

As soon as we have received payment we will be in a position to confirm your entry.  We will not confirm your entry into an event without payment either in full, or of an installment.

If we have 2 applications and only 1 space remaining in an event, the priority will be given to the pair who has paid first.


An administrative charge of £20.00 per order will levied for any player changes you make after your deposit and confirmation has been issued.  Handicap, team name and other minor amendments will be carried out free of charge.

Player changes cannot be made less than 30 days prior to the event commencing except without the express permission of MGPT – please write to us

MGPT will make every effort to fulfil all your event arrangements. In the unlikely event that we have to make changes to the event itinerary we reserve the right to do so at any time. We will advise you of any changes at the earliest opportunity, making any appropriate or necessary refunds at the same time.

Issues outside our control

For issues which are outside of our control we will do our best to ensure that alternatives are arranged.  In the event that a golf course is unplayable on the day, we will refund all green fees if we are refunded by the golf course in question.  If we are not refunded, we will ensure that every competitor receives a voucher to play the course on a more suitable date.

We will refund any service charges which are possible to refund, bearing in mind that our costs are committed on the day.  This will be dealt with after the event.

Prizes and Goody Bags

Prizes and goodies where advertised are discretionary, and cash alternatives are not available.

We will provide at least as many prizes as advertised on the day of the events.

Prizes are presented on the day of the event, and MGPT are not liable for any postage costs incurred if you choose not to wait until prize giving to receive any prize you may be awarded.

The approximate value of prizes and goodies advertised are based upon the Manufacturers Retail Price of the items as opposed to any other discounted prices available online.

If we run 2s pots at any events, prizes are distributed as vouchers.

Tee Times

When you book you are entitled to request a tee time preference.  This is a preference and not a guaranteed tee time.  We do our best to accommodate any tee time preferences but tees are drawn and may not match your request.  Please bear in mind when booking that you could be given a tee time up to 4 hours outside your requested time, and work this is accordingly.  MGPT is in no way responsible for the tee time allocation.


Since we incur costs and pay golf clubs on your behalf in advance, we need to ensure that we are protected from people cancelling once booked in.  We don’t want to introduce punitive costs so the following is designed to be a balance between ensuring we are protected, and being fair to our customers.

Cancellation charges are based on the total cost of the pair into the event in question.  Dates are taken from the first day of the event.

Cancelling more than 90 days prior to an event starting – Full refund less a £20 administration charge

Cancelling between 60-90 days before the event — 25% of the total list price of the event cancellation charge

30-59 Days — 50% of the total list price of the event cancellation charge.

Less than 30 Days — 100% of the total fees paid cancallation charge.

Handicap Certificates

Many golf clubs and courses insist on players having a handicap certificate. Please ensure that you have a valid handicap certificate (CONGU in UK) before applying for our events because without one you will not be eligible to win any prizes. Please email us with any queries regarding handicaps.  You are permitted to take part in our events without a formal handicap, however you will not be eligible to win prizes.

Dress Code

Many golf clubs and resort courses insist on the proper attire being worn.  We will provide details in our welcome pack of the dress codes at the courses we have booked. If in any doubt, please check the relevant website for the golf clubs in question.

Branded Merchandise

None of the branded merchandise items on our page are manufactured by MGPT.  We are resellers and as such cannot be responsible for any defects or other problems with any garments. If you do spot anything wrong, please contact us at and we will work with the manufacturer to resolve your issues. MGPT holds no stock.  Our lead time is 5-7 working days because we place orders with our supplier when you place an order with us.  If items are delayed or not available we will inform and refund you as soon as possible.


Mizuno Corporation and the Golf Pairs Tour will contact customers who are playing in our events from time to time with offers and deals which are relevant.  We share the email address you provided when you registered with our partners GD Score Limited for the exclusive reason of sending you tee time and other information related to the event.  They do not hold your information and are acting as our agents in sending the details.  If you do not want us to send details to GD Score Limited then please inform us.  You wil miss out on communications related to the event but everything is held online in any event.

We will not share your details with any other partners.

We confirm your details at registration for the events, which is your opportunity to refuse this permission.

Privacy Policy


Any golfer playing in our events is welcome to join as a member.  One member qualifies their pair for the following benefits

  1.  Opportunity to qualify for a selected end of season event – Portugal in 2018

One member pair playing 2018 events will be given a free place in Portugal.  This includes golf competition and accommodation but not flights or transfers – all the details are at – and is based on 2 sharing a room.

The top member pair from each event will be invited to a finals day event on Friday 21st September at Hilton Puckrup Hall near Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire to play a single round better ball pairs competition to determine the overall members champion.

If there are not sufficient members, the top member pair from each event along with the overall top performing members playing multiple events will be entered into a match-play format draw where we toss a coin to determine the winner of virtual matches, until a winner is found, who will go to Portugal.

MGPT determines whether the finals day or the draw will be used to decide the winner in Portugal.

If an event has no member, then a substitute will be selected by MGPT at their discretion.

There is no cash alternative to this prize however if the member pair has already signed up to play in Portugal, then they will be refunded in full!

2.  Priority Tee Times

Members will be placed in tee times before anyone else who has entered the events, which means that members will have tee times which are very close to their requested times.  Members must fill out the same request form which is linked from the event product page.

3.  Waiver of Fees for Making Changes

Members will not be charged any admin fees for making changes to players at any time.

Golf Tour Gold

Bookings made through the Golf Tour Gold brand are subject to the same terms as above.

Payment for Golf Tour Gold will be made through the Golf Genius Portal.

Deposit payments are non refundable.