Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor our events with various packages
Sponsor Opportunities


Amateur Golf Tour Limited created the Golf Pairs Tour brand in 2014 and Mizuno took on title sponsorship in 2016.

MGPT has a loyal and growing customer base (1650 golfers in 2017 planned to grow to over 3000 in 2018) coupled with a superb quality product.

We are seeking to partner with similarly minded companies who share our passion for quality and value to support our growth and vision for the future.

We have a high end customer base and with over 3000 golfers who are paying large amounts of money to play in our events in 2018 therefore we offer a superb opportunity to hit some key demographics.

Benefits to You

  • Access to ABC1 Demographics and business decision makers
  • Build Loyalty – Face to face access to 3000+ keen amateur golfers in 2018.
  • Brand Awareness – Physical presence in the form of  banners and access for your staff all day at some of the best golf courses in the world.
  • Additional customers – ensure customers have the ability to sign up to purchase on the day
  • Create a buzz – through building up to a major prize, engaging customers through the journey.


The options below are examples of what we can do for prospective sponsors.  Please contact us on info@golfpairs.com and we can discuss the details.  We are seeking cash sponsorship, however we are open to reciprocal arrangements such as you providing prizes in return for access to the sponsorship benefits below.


Hole Sponsorship – 18 per event – one for each hole

You pay a set amount to sponsor a hole at each day of a golf event.  You choose which hole they sponsor, and decide how you wish to advertise at that hole.  This could be to bring a banner along, or to provide samples to give away to people, or to provide business cards for the registration desk.

Basic Fee – £100 per hole per event.

Extras – signage, banners, giveaways, places on the event in question – to be negotiated.

Event Sponsorship – Maximum of 8 per event

You pay a fixed amount to sponsor a whole event

Basic Fee – £1,000 for the whole event

  • Website listing as an event sponsor
  • 1 x Facebook plug in the run up to the event
  • 1 x Database mailshot in the run up to the event
  • Presence at the event to meet golfers
  • Optional – Clubhouse Banner – additional fees
  • Optional – Pairs at the event – additional fees

Tour Sponsorship – Maximum of 8 for the year

Sponsor for the 2018 season.  This involves a real partnership with cross promotion at every opportunity.

Basic Fee – £10,000

Tour sponsors will get:

  • 1 x Facebook plug
  • 1 x Database mailshot
  • 2 x outdoor banners on the course
  • 1 x indoor banner in every clubhouse
  • Partner listing on our website.
  • Presence at every event to meet golfers
  • Opportunity to donate and present prizes at our finals day event
  • Opportunity to host a dinner for golfers at all our events – additional costs
  • Other opportunities – VIP pairs personally hosted through events etc – additional costs