We have seen a bit of noise relating to the new handicapping rules which states that fourball competitions should see each competitor’s handicap increased from 3/4 to 9/10 of full handicap allowance.

So we put it to the test!

We hear that this will mean the end of low handicappers playing in 4BBB events, which is obviously something we at Golf Pairs hope does not happen.

So to put it to the test we have run 9/10 handicap through our computer, and rejigged the results of our recent South Wales event, which saw 36 golfers partake over 3 days, and handicaps ranging from 2 to 22.

Our findings were fairly striking:

  • NO CHANGE to our top 2 pairs each day in stableford scoring terms
  • ONE SINGLE CHANGE to our top 4 pairs every day which means one pair had a prize who otherwise would not.
  • Overall Leaderboard – top 4 completely unchanged (combined better ball scores from every day).

The biggest single change came on Day 2 when the team who had finished 7th (Sandmartin’s Finest) would have ended up 4th (13 and 14 handicaps respectively)

But overall, it appears that low handicappers can win pairs events (winners The Garzels playing off 9 and 5 respectively with Bear Naked Lads off 12 in second and the Half Wits 8 and 13 in 3rd) – through the good old fashioned method of playing really good golf!

Have a look at both leaderboards in the links!

Original Leaderboard

9/10 Leaderboard