COVID-19 Updated – 18th March 2020

At Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour we have been watching developments with the coronavirus closely.
Our immediate thoughts are for the safety and health of our customers and staff, so anything we do will have this at its heart.
Clearly – Government advice including closing schools and today further emphasis on the importance of only essential travel and banning social gatherings will have an impact on our season.  We have to act responsibly and ensure that we comply with this advice which we will do and we will act in a controlled way which impacts as little as possible on our business.
It’s not clear on the timescales that the government is talking about – so we are going to act month by month and event by event – as we won’t have a uniform approach depending on timing and golf club availability for rearrangements.
Matchplay we do not feel is impacted apart from potential adjustment of dates in the case of complete lockdown of the country, because 2 people meeting 2 people in a field without any clubhouse access isn’t social gathering to us.  Even if safety requires that the whole country stays at home for a time – we will simply adjust the rounds accordingly and the integrity of the tournament will stay intact.
Actions we are taking now

  • April events at Seaton Carew and Remedy Oak will be postponed and rearranged for a later time in the year.  We will get in touch with anyone impacted when we know the details.
  • Golfbreaks tours in East Lothian, Turkey, Gleneagles and Turnberry are very likely to be postponed.  We are awaiting Golfbreaks input on these – who are obviously extremely busy at this time.
  • May events we are liaising with the golf clubs to find alternative dates.  Again – we will be in touch when we know the details.
  • June and beyond we are hoping will continue at this time – we will keep you updated.
Some possible actions we can take or may take depending on circumstances:
  • Requesting customers don’t frequent clubhouse but request golf club sets up outdoor gazebo area.
  • No handshakes/close contact during games.
    • Outdoor/Online Registration
  • Delaying matchplay rounds or shortening time between matches should government advice keep people at home
Consequences of Rearrangement
Where we rearrange events – those booked into the original event will be booked automatically into the newly arranged event.  If they can’t make the new date, they will be given full credit towards any event – either this year or next.  We are not providing refunds – to do so would mean that we would lose the business.  We understand Golfbreaks are following the same approach.  Rearrangement and where not possible, credit towards another trip in the future.
Although we are attempting to rearrange all events – some will be not be possible until 2021 – and again we’ll provide full credit for another event if this happens.
We are asking customers to be patient in trying times.  We do not have all the answers and things might and probably will change.  Advice probably will change as might our approach.  This is unprecedented for the service industry and we will do our best to deal with it.