Celtic Manor 2016 - GPT Cup

Wednesday 17th August 2016

Celtic Manor – Twenty Ten Course

We are really looking forward to the day, see you there,

Celtic Manor
Prize Winner Pts
1st Fringe Players 44 1st
2nd The portz boys 43 2nd CB (B9 20)
3rd Local Boys in a Photograph 43 3rd CB (B9 19)
4th The if’s and buts 42 4th (B9 24 B6 15 B3 6 B2 4)
5th Southern Tourists 42 5th (B9 24 B6 15 B3 6 B2 3)
Nearest Pin 1 Ricky Shackell 3rd
Nearest Pin 2 Andrew Harris 7th
Nearest Pin 3 Ken Fay 10th
Nearest Pin 4 Scott Warne 13th
Nearest Pin 5 Guy Whitten 17th
Longest Drive Guy Whitten 4th