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Play up to FOUR matches between 1st November 2019 and 31st March 2020.

Winners enjoy a FREE place at our UK events!



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How Does It Work?

We are running our FIRST EVER national Matchplay event to complement our main tour. This will take place after the end of our 2019 season and four Matchplay rounds will run between November 2019 and March 2020. Fancy teeing off Autumn/Winter with some great golf in the calendar? Meet new friends and for our 2020 members it’s effectively yours for FREE

The winners (and there will be quite a few of you!) will be rewarded with a FREE pairs place at their choice of UK single day events. 

Enter by 24th October 2019

Price includes FREE MGPT 2020 Membership

£39.99 inc. VAT

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If you’re a regular then Matchplay is effectively FREE. How is that, we hear you ask? Well, the £39.99 fee for entry INCLUDES 2020 MGPT membership. This means that if you do win, or decide to join any of our events in 2020, you will be rewarded with priority tee times and entry to our members’ only qualification rounds for our Finals Day and trip to La Manga at the end of 2020. So we have a route through…

If you were planning to join up and play some events in 2020 then entry to this Matchplay tournament is effectively FREE!!

But don’t forget to enter by 24th October 2019.

Round 1: 1st November 2019–30th November 2019

Round 2: 1st December 2019 –14th January 2020

Round 3: 15th January 2020 –29th February 2020

Round 4: 1st March 2020 –31st March 2020


The person who books (The Booker) joins up online HERE – or call us at the number above if you struggle!

The Booker can play or book for others – we will get in touch in October to finalise golfer details.

Substitutes ARE possible in the event of unavoidable circumstances with Organizers permission.

Teams are drawn either as home or away. You arrange your own match to suit.

Onus is on the HOME team to make contact and arrange the match.

When the draw closes we will move to the next phase at 5pm UK time on the end date.  

The new draw will be released within two days of the start date.

If we have not been informed about a winner then the AWAY team will prevail unless the HOME team can show evidence of making reasonable attempts to make contact without response.In the event of dispute the adjudication process will determine the winner and that decision will be final.

We shall request that golf clubs waive visitors fees where possible, but if not, then we recommend splitting the visitor fee four ways to even out costs to competitors.

At the end of round 4, winners will be asked to select their free place.  Win four matches and you win. No additional play offs!

We ask that you familiarise yourselves with the full rules below in advance.

Since this is a new initiative it may not be perfect.  Please email us with questions/concerns as we want to take our time to build a great national matchplay event!

Please note that we are doing this for the first time in 2019/20 and we are working on the basis of a large number of prize winners worth an average value of £250, which is a free pair at our UK events. This is a tremendous opportunity for most, particularly with the investment of £39.99 doubling up as 2020 tour membership.  As time proceeds and we prove the concept and grow our customer base we will look at enhanced prizes and additional goodies.



Closing Date for Bookings - 24th October 2019

Commencement Date - 1st November 2019

End Date - 31st March 2020

Entry Fee - £39.99

  • The Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour Matchplay Championship known as ‘The Tournament’ is a national seasonal matchplay event played under 'The Rules of Golf' for matchplay as laid down by The R&A.
  • Play will be in better ball matchplay format for every event following CONGU guidance.
  • Play should normally be from the club competition tees for ladies and men, unless club rules do not permit this.  
  • Handicaps must be adjusted in line with CONGU recommendations for mixed better ball competitions - link below.
  • Each competitor must have a ‘Competition Status’ handicap issued by a CONGU affiliated golf club and their handicap must remain ‘Competition Status’ for the duration of the competition.
  • Each competitor must play off his / her current handicap which may increase or decrease during the period of the competition.
  • Current handicap evidence eg How Did I Do Website must be taken to each match and shown to the opponents before the match commences.
  • Strokes will be taken on the basis of 9/10 of the handicap difference and taken from the lowest handicap of the fourball.
  • Forward tee Par and SI will be used where there are more than one tees in use.  Additionally, an adjustment will be made in line with the difference between the relationship between SSS and Par on each course.  Any adjustment applies BEFORE 9/10 deduction.
  • The Organizers may disqualify any player from the tournament if they determine that a player’s handicap is inaccurate when compared with their actual playing ability, with reference for example to previous competition wins or handicap histories.




  • The Tournament is open to male and female golfers aged 14 and over on the Commencement Date who are members of a CONGU affiliated golf club in England, Scotland or Wales.
  • Please refer to guidance for mixed competitions from CONGU above.
  • Any competitor under 18 on the Commencement Date must play with someone who is over 18.
  • Competitors must have a ‘Competition Status’ handicap issued by a CONGU affiliated golf club and their handicap must remain in ‘Competition Status’ for the duration of the competition.
  • Competitors must have played in a minimum of three handicap qualifying competitions during the season in question at the golf club at which their handicap is held.


  • Entry to the tournament starts with The Booker completing the online form at https://golfpairs.com/event/matchplay-20 and paying the Entry Fee.  Anyone who has difficult entering online can call and enter by telephone +44 1386 291 000
  • Payment of the Entry Fee before the Closing Date is a requirement for entry to the Tournament.
  • Once accepted entries can be withdrawn prior to the closing date however no refunds will be made due to the administration which ensues as soon as a competitor enters.
  • The Booker must nominate a home course at which they will play their home matches.  If competitors in a pair are members at different clubs they must nominate one club as their home venue.
  • The Booker is expected to play with the same partner throughout the tournament, but substitutions are permitted with approval of The Organizers.  For the avoidance of doubt, substitutions are permitted to cover any unforeseen injury or illness or other similar circumstances such as a work posting abroad which would otherwise prevent the booker from taking part in the Tournament.  Evidence must be presented to the Organizers in writing by email to matchplay@golfpairs.com and consideration will be given to the request.

Arranging the Matches

  • The Organizers will inform the Competitors of their opponents when the draw is made for the appropriate round, and the deadlines.
  • It is the home team's responsibility to contact their opponents to arrange a mutually convenient date and time to play the match, however both teams are responsible for ensuring that the match is played as soon as possible.
  • Contact should be made as soon as possible after the draw is made and matches arranged and played as soon as possible before the deadline.
  • The home team must provide a minimum of five weekday and weekend dates.
  • Deadlines will not be amended unless in exceptional circumstances and will always apply to the whole draw not an individual match.
  • Once a team has played a home match they cannot change their home course unless circumstances make playing at this home course impossible.
  • The venue for any match may be changed to the opponent's home course if there is mutual agreement.
  • If no contact is made within 7 days we recommend the away team contacting the Organizers via email with the home team copied.  This email will be a key piece of evidence in determining winners should a match not be completed.
  • If contact by the home team is made with no reply from the away team within 7 days we recommend the home team contacting the Organizers with the away team copied.  This email will be a key piece of evidence in determining winners should a match not be completed.
  • If a match is not completed by the deadline, the AWAY team will be awarded the tie unless there is evidence demonstrating lack of response from the AWAY team.  If evidence is balanced the Organizer’s decision will be final. Each team will have ONE day to submit evidence when requested. Failure to provide evidence within the deadline will result in decisions being made in absence of the evidence.

Playing the matches

  • Its inevitable for some teams to receive BYEs in the first round.  Enjoy - one less round to play.
  • Many clubs offer courtesy of the course to the away pair and we hope that the home team’s club will do the same, but this is completely at the discretion of the club.  
  • The cost of any green fees charged should be shared equally between all four players and paid before the match commences.  This ensures equity across the whole competition on average.
  • It is the responsibility of the home pair to ensure that the course is available on the date and time the match is due to be played. If for any reason the course is not available and the away team has travelled, they away team may claim the match or switch to their club if time permits.
  • If either team has to cancel the match within 48 hours of the match being due to be played then the other team may claim the match.  Please refer any such decision to the Organizers presenting necessary evidence.
  • Temporary greens, tees or preferred lies are not reasons for abandonment of matches - this is a winter series so winter greens may be used - and are the same for both sides.
  • Competitors must be able to offer flexible dates to play on both weekdays and weekends at their own course should they be drawn at home, otherwise they will forfeit home advantage.
  • Home and Away Competitors are responsible for knowing the Local Rules of the course at which the match is due to be played.  The Home team should be proactive in informing the Away team of any obvious rules which are specific to their club.
  • The use of GPS and laser rangefinding equipment which only measures distance is permitted at all stages of the Tournament.  
  • Mobile phones may be used for the purposes of Live Scoring provided the club permits such use.
  • Caddies are permitted at all stages of the Tournament.  The player with the caddy should inform playing partners of such.
  • The use of buggies is permitted for medical reasons, and they are the full responsibility of the player/s who is hiring them.  Medical certificates may be requested by opponents and should be provided on request. This is not centrally administered but is between the competitors.
  • Matches all square after 18 holes will be decided on a 'sudden death' play-off commencing at the first hole played and the appropriate shots will be given.
  • If after mutual agreement a match has to be abandoned during the first 18 holes, due to lack of daylight or the course becoming unfit for play, then play shall resume from the point where the match was abandoned as stated in the Rules of Golf.
  • If after mutual agreement a match has to be abandoned during a sudden death play off, due to lack of daylight or the course becoming unfit for play, then the match will be continued over 18 holes at the away team's course on another mutually convenient date. 
  • It is the responsibility of the winners of each match to inform the Tournament Organizers of the result. Results must be entered online or emailed following the process laid down in the notification emails.
  • Extensions of any kind are very unlikely to be considered however applications should be made to the tournament Organizers as soon as the potential need for an exception arises.  Extensions will be granted for the whole draw and not individual matches.


  • Prizes will be awarded following the completion of the set number of rounds in the Tournament at the Tournament End Date.
  • The prize to be won is your choice of entry into our 2020 Schedule of Events - listed HERE
  • This is subject to availability on the Tournament End Date.  A list of events will be sent to Tournament winners along with a voucher code to claim the FREE PLACE!
  • The Booker will be the recipient of the prize.  It is expected that the Booker will share the prize with their partner but this is down to the Booker to make the decision.
  • Prizes ARE transferable but once you have selected the competition and we have entered you, you cannot change the tournament you have selected within 90 days before the event, without incurring administration fees.  Within 30 days no changes can be made at all apart from to the named bookers.


Disputes, Changes and Amendments

  • In the event of any issue or dispute - the Tournament Organizers can be consulted, whose decision is FINAL.  All queries and issues can be directed to the Organizers using the matchplay@golfpairs.com email address and through no other route eg Social Media.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to change or modify the prizes or format of the events depending on number of entries and other factors at the discretion of the Organizers.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to change or modify any part of these rules as they deem appropriate through the duration of the tournament.  Major changes will be emailed out to all competitors.

Data Protection

  • We take data privacy very seriously and we will not sell or transmit your personal data outside the realms of Amateur Golf Tour Limited for any reason.
  • However, we obviously will need to inform you and your playing partners of your email address and phone numbers so you can arrange matches.
  • Therefore by entering the competition, you expressly grant permission to us to send your personal information to fellow competitors for the sole and exclusive reason of allowing you to participate in the Tournament.
  • This contact may take the form of emails which are sent out to a small group of golfers with your competitors included, or it may be that your details are included in a secure system where your competitors will be able to see your contact details
  • We will NOT open you contact details up to everyone and we will never pass these details to anyone apart from those who are playing in the event with whom you will potentially need to arrange a match.
  • Bookers  agree to provide their full name, e-mail address, home address, home golf club and phone number as part of the entry form of the competition. 
  • Bookers will be subscribed to our mailing list and will have an opportunity to unsubscribe at any time

For full details on privacy and GDPR please read our privacy policy

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