Dunstanburgh Castle - 26th July

A congregation of 216 avid golfers graced the majestic Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Course today, ushering in another chapter of the Mizuno Golf Tour's links golf experience. With the course itself adorned in perfection and the weather playing the role of a gracious host, a day of promising golfing encounters unfolded. The gentle breeze added a touch of intrigue, creating an ideal setting for some impressive scores to emerge.

The Par 3 Marvel and Joseph Conroy's Twist of Fate: In the midst of the day's play, the course witnessed an ultimate drama unfold at the iconic par 3, 4th hole. Joseph Conroy, embodying a twist of fate, made a decision that would forever be etched in memory. Opting not to enter the hole-in-one competition on the tee, he executed a stroke of brilliance, as his tee shot danced its way into the cup. Alas, this feat was bittersweet, as a missed opportunity for a £10,000 prize stirred a mix of emotions. To console the heartache, a Mizuno bag is on its way to adorn Joseph's collection.

Alex Mackay's Monumental Drive: As the day gracefully descended towards its conclusion, the final group added a dash of exhilaration to the proceedings. Standing on the last hole, which also held the title of the longest drive hole, Alex Mackay unleashed a monumental drive that resonated with the thunderous applause of onlookers. The ball's journey, rolling a remarkable three feet past the current marker, was nothing short of awe-inspiring. A testament to prowess, this shot of grandeur held a celebratory note, even if their overall score wasn't destined for the podium.

The Enduring Love for Dunstanburgh Castle: As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting its golden glow over the course, it was evident that Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Course had solidified its place in the hearts of the Mizunoites. The charm of the links and the allure of its splendid vistas left an indelible mark. With a promise of return, the echoes of camaraderie and golfing excellence will reverberate through time until the tour reconvenes in 2024.

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